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Applying these 10 basic tricks everyday will increase your self worth

Can you increase your self worth? Do you even know what your real worth is?

Or better said, if you are to be exchanged for cash, what would your price tag be? How would you rank in the market? Cheap or expensive? Discovering your value unlocks your potential and opens numerous opportunities in your life.

Many people blame time, money or energy for what they are today. But truth be told, they clearly do not understand their value or self worth.  They have just decided to settle for less.

“The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself.”
Michel de Montaigne, The Complete Essays

The Importance of Increasing your Self Worth

It is imperative to know your self-worth. Put a price tag on yourself before other people can do it. Identify the things that can add value to your life for your own success. I have highlighted some of them below;

Tip #1 Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Highlight your strong points and your weak points. Take advantage of your strengths because they make you stand out. When you clearly know your weaknesses, you can work on them or let your strong points cover them.

Tip #2: Enhance your skills

Look for ways of improving your skills. You can do that by enrolling for classes either physically or online. We are living in the information era, so keep yourself updated with all the relevant materials. You should also be an expert in one area. Consistency leads to excellence. Keep reading books as this opens a whole new world in your life. Reading opens others peoples world in your life. It also keeps your brain alert.

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Tip #3: Identify a competitive edge

Do you have a competitive advantage or are you just like the rest? Never settle for average. Go an extra mile to make sure that you have a unique aspect. Avoid being an ordinary person. Look for ways of standing out in a crowd. If your area of expertise is crowded identify a way of being above the others.

Tip #4: Believe in yourself

This is one aspect that can open a myriad of opportunities for you. Self-doubt has stagnated many people in life. Greatness belongs to only those who truly believe in themselves.  It is a process that must have a starting point. In this case, you should start by believing that whatever you want to do is possible. Then visualize it or have a clear picture about it. Start by acting as if it is already happening. Finally ensure that you have measurable goals and work towards achieving them.

Tip #5: Work on your fears

Fear is one of the greatest enemies of progress. If you let fear engulf you, then you will never grow or improve your self-worth. Identify the core cause of your fears and work on them strategically. Fear in most times is the cause of people loving the comfort zone commonly known as ‘old and familiar’. This is because they are afraid of failure. They simply do not have the courage to face failure. Great people are risk takers and they never allow fear to stand in their way of success.

Tip #6: Work on your physical health

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When you are healthy and in good shape, then you can be able to achieve a lot of things. Work on your health by eating well, exercising, taking water and having enough sleep. Learn how to work smart versus working hard just to ensure that you do not exhaust your body in the process of ‘putting food on the table’.

Tip #7: Work on your emotional health

Emotional intelligence is very basic in matters of self-worth improvement. EQ is not embraced in many education systems, but its magnitude cannot be ignored. A person can have excellent IQ skills but if they are not able to balance their emotions, they may lose out on perfect opportunities. The good thing is that you can always learn how to work and improve your emotional intelligence skills. Avoid stress at all costs and where this is not possible, learn how to manage it. Stress can lead to poor physical and mental health.

Tip #8: Work on your self-confidence

It is key to improving your self-value. It involves trusting yourself and your capabilities. Confident people easily move up the ladder in both the business and corporate world. Lack of self confidence can make you feel unworthy, anxious and incompetent.

increase your self worth

Improve your self worth or value on a daily basis

Tip #9: Identify your gifts and talents

What is your passion? Everyone has been gifted with talents. Identify them and let them work to your advantage. Pursue your passion at all times because most likely, that is what you will do with a lot of ease.

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Tip #10: Do an overall audit on your- self concept

Everyone is unique and very special. No single person is like another. Stop trying to be like another person. Understand the person that you are and also discover your purpose in life. Avoid looking at yourself through other people’s eyes as most people focus on your weaknesses rather than your strengths. Work on your mental toughness.

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”
Marilyn Monroe

Once you work towards increasing your value, then you move from being an ordinary person to becoming an extra ordinary person. Work on your skills and ensure that your growth curve is visible. Look out and see the route all successful people have taken. Identify and enhance your skills. Avoid focusing on your weaknesses.

Now, go increase your self worth today

Ensure that you are positive in your journey of discovering your self- worth. Do not underestimate your capabilities. Believe and work on your self-esteem.  Work on your emotions. Believe that attaining the highest form of value in your life is achievable.  Value is what separates cheap from expensive.

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