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How to raise a teenage daughter

Today, a lot of parents are searching for tips on how to raise a teenage daughter. This is because the talkative, cute, and innocent girl you knew might be no more. She might have transformed into someone filled with complicated emotions.

Happily, there are many parents who have raised teenage girls to become great and disciplined girls. 

If you can manage to understand your teenage girl, give her love and a reasonable dose of discipline, then you will have no problem raising her. 

To help you get started, here are 10 vital tips on how to raise a teenage daughter.


  1. Be her shoulder to lean on

how to raise a teenage daughter

Being a teenager is not easy for her as well. Thus, she needs someone who can be there for her. And the best tips on how to raise a teenage daughter is to offer a shoulder to lean on. 

Let your daughter know that your door is always open. Whether it is a tough choice or a sensitive matter, be there for her. 

Due to various changes happening inside her body, she needs a friend and a comforting parent. 


  1. Give her space

In most cases, teenage girls love to spend less time with their parents. Hence, it is important to give her the space she wants. Do not feel disappointed or upset when she locks herself in the bedroom. 

Even though you might want to know whether she is alright, do not abuse her privacy. She might pull away from you even more. 


  1. Let her know she is special

Telling your daughter how much you love her may sound uninteresting to her. However, you need to keep telling her that. That simple assurance might be the only thing keeping her happy. 

Keep in mind that most teenage girls are very insecure. Therefore, you need to make your little girl feel loved and good about herself. 


  1. Allow her to be in fashion

Another great tip on how to raise a teenage daughter is allowing her to express herself. Though you should have limits, it is wise to allow your daughter to express herself through fashion. 

Here, the peer pressure will be in play. Therefore, you need to reason with her concerning fashion. 

Since you do not want to outcast her from her best friends, be reasonable. It is always wise to talk to her about dressing and fashion. 


  1. Know her friends

It is important to know a bit about your daughter’s friends. This will make her comfortable and you will be less nervous when she is with them. 

Once you know them, you can invite them for dinner or allow your daughter to have a sleepover. If you do not like her friends, do not analyze them in front of her. 


  1. Be ready for tough questions

how to raise a teenage daughter

Today, most teenagers spend a lot of time online. This means they will learn many things even before their age. 

Hence, you should be prepared for tough questions. Also, you should be ready to make tough decisions. 


  1. Talk about sex, alcohol, and drugs

Although she might be embarrassed about the topic, do not be shy to talk about safe sex and pregnancy. 

It is vital to talk about safe sex as it will keep her safe. Although having sex before marriage is unnecessary, talk about the significance of having safe sex. 

Also, talk to your daughter about the dangers of smoking, gambling, and drugs. If you have some personal experience, share them with her. This will help her understand the topic better. 


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  1. Allow her to date


Though your daughter may date someone who wants to take advantage of her, let her date. However, you need to help her make a good decision. 

And since you cannot keep her locked in her room forever, allow her to date someone she likes. 


  1. Be ready for her periods

At some point, your little daughter will start her periods. Hence, you should be well prepared with pads and tampons. 

Just like the sex topic, do not be afraid to talk about periods. Tell her about the cravings, and the pain associated with periods. 

If your girl is developing fast, make sure to be ready before she is a teenager. 


  1. Have rules and be a good role model

how to raise a teenage daughter

Learning how to raise a teenage daughter is to easy. Therefore, you need to be a good disciplinarian. Thus understand her but don’t allow her to do everything. 

And once you set the rules, make sure your daughter is aware of them. Additionally, consider giving her some allowance or reward her for being a good daughter. 

Based on various studies, teenage daughters respond better to gifts and rewards than threats. 

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