Munich today - News from June 2nd, 2022

Smug is an adjective that might suit gastro reporters particularly well. And Wiesn reporters because of its literal proximity to drinkable anyway. And since it means “comfortable” as well as “relish”, it is wonderful to quote my colleague Franz Kotteder in the course of the new beer prices. He is the editor’s gastro and Wiesn reporter and can compete with any strong beer in terms of smugness. In various texts and editorial rounds on the subject of beer price increases at the Oktoberfest, he repeatedly noted very smugly how the prices in the beer gardens change every year. They always went up by about 30 cents. It goes without saying that it is also easy for colleague Kotteder to have a little fun with the beer price excitement. Because in addition to the economic reasons why beer is becoming more expensive, you always have to set a price in the appropriate environment. In this respect, it is also interesting what a liter of beer costs in Munich’s taverns at the moment.

On Thursday, the Economics Department not only published the beer prices in the large and small tents at the Oktoberfest, but also a list of the city’s inns and their drink prices. And then there are also a few numbers that come with a Wiesn mass. A liter of beer costs 11.20 euros in the Pschorr on the Viktualienmarkt and 11 euros in the Ratskeller. Suddenly it’s not such a big leap to the Wiesn price, which includes live music and a unique, huge festival atmosphere.


“Suddenly I didn’t know anything about my homework anymore” Many students feel under pressure. About children who are too excited, teachers who have to take everyone with them despite the high tempo, and parents who have too high expectations. (SZ Plus)

Why the new German Museum disappoints After years of construction, the first renovated exhibitions of the world-famous museum will soon open. It is already clear in advance: there is no overall concept, and many opportunities remain unused.

What’s going on in the green-red town hall coalition? Instead of pressing ahead with important projects together, people are increasingly going their separate ways: with the car-free valley as well as with the planned tunnel in Schleißheimer Straße.

Munich Hofpfisterei and Rewe are arguing in court Trouble because of the name “Sonne”: A dispute between the bakery and the supermarket chain ends up before the Munich Higher Regional Court – although the baked goods are no longer available for purchase.

Arms smuggler sentenced to prison They are said to have sold assault rifles and pistols to right-wing extremists. The process also reveals connections to the AfD.

The boss stays Thomas Linsmayer is confirmed as director of the Deutsches Theater for five years. How he wants to make the house attractive to a younger audience in the future.

Monument protection puts the brakes on climate protection A traditional company in the old town wants to generate electricity with a photovoltaic system on the roof, but it does not get a permit. The Greens are pushing for a change in legislation.



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