Zornedinger citizens defend themselves against through traffic

“The glasses in the cupboard rattle when two people rush by,” says Sonja Werner. This refers to the gravel trucks coming from the south of Zorneding, which do not drive on the main road, but regularly take the shortcut right through the town. For a long time, residents could only stand by and watch, but now they want to put an end to the noise. An interest group of citizens from the Münchner Strasse, the Bucher Strasse and the Wasserburger Landstrasse calls for an official ban on vehicles over 3.5 tons driving through the community. This should ensure calm in the center of Zorneding, because it is clear that the gravel quarrying will continue in the next few years.

However, numerous heavily loaded trucks are already driving past the house of Sonja Werner and her husband Jochen on Bucher Strasse every day. From the gravel pits in the south of the community up to the north of the district, that’s the shortest way. However, the local residents would much prefer the truck drivers to take the small detour via the B304 and turn onto the state road in the west of the community. Her criticism: Although new gravel pits are constantly being identified, nobody cares about the interests of Zorneding’s citizens. That’s why Sonja and Jochen Werner have now launched the initiative “Flot outside – B304 fahr’n” and have already organized a first meeting with like-minded people.

The citizens’ initiative wants to work for a better quality of life in Zorneding

The neighbors are definitely interested in the topic, says Sonja Werner. Around 20 people came personally to the first meeting, and numerous others reported by e-mail or telephone. “We do think that something is going on there,” says Werner. After all, the concerns of the interest group should also be very much in the interests of the citizens of Zorneding. The goals are stated in a circular, which the initiators have also distributed via Facebook: More safety for children, cyclists and walkers, make the passage less attractive for cars and trucks and optimize the traffic routing along the B304, as well as the shortening vehicle drivers specifically to the problem speak to. “We want to ensure a better quality of life locally,” says Werner.

Traffic in Zorneding: Around Zorneding, large gravel pits are constantly being developed.

Large gravel pits are constantly being developed around Zorneding.

(Photo: Peter Hinz-Rosin)

There are already ideas on exactly how this could be achieved, but nothing is finalized yet. For example, the participants are considering submitting a list of signatures to the municipality or setting up a website with their concerns. The first concrete steps should then be decided at another meeting in mid-June. According to Sonja Werner, it’s about depositing the interests of the citizens in the Zorneding town hall, or as she calls it herself: “We want to slow down the community a bit, to put it in Bavarian terms.” In any case, through traffic had to leave the village and flow along the main road.

Sonja Werner is also aware that this will not be an easy undertaking. “It is clear to us that the municipality cannot do everything alone,” she says, referring to the traffic law responsibilities in the Ebersberg district office or in the Rosenheim road construction office. But the initiative is intended to push the topic a little further. However, Werner also emphasizes that the intention here is not to work against the community but with the community.

The municipality cannot prevent the mining of gravel

Some time ago, they had commissioned an expert opinion in order to be able to better direct the flow of traffic in the area. To date, however, no concrete measures have been derived from this. Time is of the essence, as became clear on Tuesday at the local council meeting. That evening, the committee not only gave its approval for a new gravel pit in the west of the community, but also approved the preliminary draft for changing the land use plan. Areas for gravel quarrying are now to be explicitly identified therein. On the one hand, this means that the town hall now has more say in the creation of new pits, but on the other hand it also provides certainty that the gravel quarrying on site will continue for years to come. However, the pits cannot be prevented completely, because gravel extraction is considered a privileged project and must therefore be approved by the municipalities.

So if there is no regulation for the removal of the raw material, the residents will have to suffer from the roaring and dusty trucks for a long time to come. However, the neighboring municipality of Zorneding, Kirchseeon, has recently shown that municipalities can certainly think about through traffic. The initiative came from the town hall itself to get the noise caused by the main road under control locally. Instead of a complete road block, however, a reduction in speed to 30 km/h is to be checked there.

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