A short vacation in Berlin must definitely lead to Marzahn

BerlinHoliday in Marzahn? This is sure to make some people laugh or even laugh. But these are people who have no idea. In reality, Marzahn is a place to take off. Definitive. There is the only cable car in a radius of 200 kilometers. The next opportunity to fly over the landscape in a real cable car is almost exactly 195 kilometers away as the crow flies: at the Hexentanzplatz in Thale in the Harz Mountains.

So off to a short break in Marzahn! A cable car to the International Garden Exhibition was opened there in 2017. In the past, almost 700,000 trips were counted there per year, then Corona came and the number dropped to 400,000. Now, after the lockdown, the 64 gondolas are hovering over Berlin again. Get in please!

We sit. It scrapes and squeaks a little, but not very loudly. The gondola wobbles gently and takes off slowly. Then she gets faster, but not too much.

The main difference to the cable car in the Harz mountains: the ride there is not a pleasure for everyone. If you have a fear of heights like me, you shouldn’t look down. There, rugged rocks cause stomach cramps. Quite different in Marzahn. The train soars up a gentle hill and then across a wide, unusually natural-looking landscape. No reasons for real fear.

Benjamin Pritzkuleit

Stopover: You can get off halfway through the journey. On the hill is the “Wolkenhain”, a viewing platform.

The view sweeps over the silhouette of the high-rise buildings in East Berlin. From above, the towers don’t look all that powerful and intimidating. And above all: all around are settlements with small houses and gardens, which many people do not even know that they even exist between the prefab buildings.

200 tons of steel, but very airy

Below us on the mountain there are paths with a lot going on – people during the day, wild boars at night. This can be clearly seen from above. We fly over green trees and think: who would have thought that there are almost real mountains in Berlin?

Intermediate station at the highest point: almost 100 meters above sea level. The Kienberg with a viewing platform called “Wolkenhain”. This is a white, cubist, angular steel structure. There it goes up a little more than 100 steps. Although the cloud grove weighs 200 tons, it looks light and airy and offers a wonderful view over the city, not only of the television tower twelve kilometers away, but also far into Brandenburg.

Benjamin Pritzkuleit

At dizzy heights on the “Wolkenhain”.

Two elderly women are sitting on a bench and toasting with two bottles of Prosecco. They chat, look and laugh. If all this is too busy for you, you can race around up here on the summer toboggan run and get your adrenaline pumping. And at some point we continue to float to the final station.

Of course, such a track in the countryside seems pretty meaningless at first. But that’s not a counter-argument, it’s meant positively. It’s the same with art: it is not absolutely necessary for the survival of mankind and yet it is one of the most beautiful things that mankind produces.

And the little overflight in Berlin is not entirely pointless. Because not only the hovering is the goal here. The train ends at the Gardens of the World. A big city oasis that was created for Berlin’s 750th birthday. A wonderful place to walk, even for non-plant fans. Because the entire area consists of a dozen individual gardens – oriental, Japanese or English – with typical buildings that actually take you a little far away. And even atheists have their friends in the Christian Garden: it is modeled on a monastery garden. There is also a walkway, but it is not closed at the top, but gives a view of the sky. Because the golden corridor was put together from a myriad of airy letters that result in quotations from the Bible. Great idea.

Benjamin Pritzkuleit

You can not only go high in the 63 gondolas of the cable car, there are also huge swings and a summer toboggan run.

Just like the cable car. We fly there at six meters per second. With a distance of 1570 meters, the flight time is 5.15 minutes. Berlin cosiness. The city is a real cable car city. Because from 1957 there was already a 1400 meter long chairlift to the International Building Exhibition in West Berlin’s Hansaviertel. Similar railways were also built for other building exhibitions, 1963 in Hamburg, 2003 in Rostock or for Expo Hannover 2000.

And although the Berlin cable car is heavily in deficit, new ideas are let fly. The Senate is examining whether new routes would make sense. Some dream of a train to the 115-meter-high Müggelberge, others of a four-kilometer route across the Wannsee to Kladow, still others want to get from the Grünau S-Bahn station to Wendenschloss or prefer a cable car at the former Tegel Airport.

Benjamin Pritzkuleit

This small, wild swamp landscape is not in the Spreewald or in Florida, but between Marzahner prefabricated buildings.

So far, these are just flimsy ideas. But the cable car in Marzahn is real. So now the return trip. This time the motto is: Just enjoy. A few horses are grazing in the meadow below us, a few children are climbing on a mighty whale that is lying in a large playground in a sea of ​​sand under palm trees. And the small swamp landscape just before the finish line actually looks like real, wild nature. The reeds are tall, with bright green grass in between. The sun is reflected in a pond and is blinding. If professionals photograph the scenery really effectively and edit it a little on the computer, the photo could also make it into a glossy calendar – and the viewer would readily believe that it was taken in the Uckermark or even in the swamps of Florida and not between Marzahn prefabricated buildings .

And in which means of transport in this city can we get around with such a great view and then completely traffic jam-free. Again, after a flight of 5.15 minutes, we are at our destination – everyone, please disembark.

A really nice short break for 6.50 euros. Bye Marzahn, see you soon!

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