Fetzenrausch secret plan: tank discount at the Oktoberfest?

When you walked across the Theresienwiese a few days ago and saw the skeleton of a tent with the inscription “Bräurosl”, you initially thought: a strange name for a corona test center. Then they reappeared, the blurred memories of the Oktoberfest. There was a brief sense of anticipation – until it became known that the most expensive beer this year would cost 13.80 euros.

The news almost knocks you off your feet: In some tents, the beer – traditionally about 0.8 liters of beer at the Oktoberfest – will be two euros more expensive. So if you drink 100 liters of beer, you’ll be 200 euros poorer in no time than you were three years ago. And it only stays that way if you pull yourself together and limit yourself to just ten trips to the Wiesn.

After all, in the Augustiner tent the price only rises by 1.40, so you can treat yourself to 10 liters on each of the 17 days of the festival and the difference is 238 euros. If you stick to Mayor Dieter Reiter’s Wiesn announcement “completely or not at all”, it will be quite expensive fun again this year. The feeders are still keeping the price increases for chicken, ox rolls and chocolate fruit skewers under wraps so as not to scare off potential visitors.

In order to prevent this and in view of the upcoming state elections next year, the State Chancellery is currently working on a secret plan. We are talking about a tank discount in the beer tents, which is intended to get the CSU out of the current low in the polls. In order to reach the price level of 2013, when the CSU recently brought in the absolute majority, each mass should be subsidized with four euros, and the financing should be secured via a “special fund Fetzenrausch”.

In order not to leave the field to the coalition partner and to secure the approval of apple juice spritzer drinkers and other teetotalers at the Oktoberfest, Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger and his Free Voters are campaigning for further relief – supported by Munich’s green-red city government. A nine-euro ticket for rides is planned. Whether this should only apply to the Wiesn or also to other folk festivals, and whether it then includes the use of throwing and shooting galleries, is still being discussed internally. However, experts are skeptical as to whether the nine-euro ticket will bring lasting popularity to the folk festivals. Ultimately, so the tenor, the offer is decisive. Here the Wiesn is still expandable.

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