In the middle of Hebertshausen: Herta K. prefers hitchhiking

It’s just before 10 a.m. when Herta K. from Hebertshausen sticks her thumb out this morning. The 70-year-old with the gray short haircut, cardigan tied around her waist, is standing on the sidewalk near the sports field and confidently looks towards the road. She doesn’t have to wait ten minutes before a car door opens. An emergency? No, no, she would just like to be taken to the bus station, she says. Herta K. hitchhikes from Hebertshausen to the Dachau train station every morning, she tells us from the passenger seat.

“The next bus isn’t due for another four hours, and what are you supposed to be doing here at home?” she asks, amused. “Should I just hang out at Rewe or what?” In addition, the ticket for the bus is too expensive for her in the long run, after all, life does not exist for free, and she still has to pay the rent. Has she heard of the new nine-euro ticket? “No,” says Herta K. “I can save the nine euros a month. I always find someone to take me with them.”

Herta K. is an experienced hitchhiker who trusts in the luck of the country road. She’s got it, just like the journeyman hikers on the waltz, for whom hitchhiking is the preferred mode of locomotion. Before she gets in, Ms. K. always casts a scrutinizing glance at the vehicle and the pilots – in this case, a vanity unit has to be pushed aside first, but one is happy to make room for a hitchhiker with silver status. “I’ve always done it this way,” exclaims the 70-year-old, searching and finding the button for the window winder with practice – so that she doesn’t pull when driving.

She doesn’t have anything special planned in Dachau, just see who’s there. At the train station, she usually heads for the Kistenpfenning bakery and chats with a few people. “I can’t just wait for Exitus,” she says dryly. Her children, dear, they would advise her to be careful and ask if that really had to be the case. “But I’m never out and about in the dark!”, Herta K. is outraged about the completely exaggerated care of the relatives. “I always make sure I’ll be back around 5 p.m..”

A niece was supposed to pick her up this morning, but somehow she didn’t come. It doesn’t matter, she always comes to Dachau. Once a tractor driver even picked her up, just a corner away, but then there was a new auto-stop option. Somehow it always arrives. And Herta K. knows exactly how nice it can be for people to do her this favor. “I make it possible for people to do a good deed, it’s wonderful,” she says. Then how does she come back? Sometimes she also finds a friendly ride in Dachau. And if not, no problem. “It’s only an hour’s walk back to Hebertshausen,” says Herta K. “I like to be out and about.” When she says goodbye, she calls: “See you soon!”

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