Let's talk about aging!  The topic of care concerns us all

Attention, trigger warning! It’s about suicide. At least marginally, because I now know several people from the German health care system who, although only on the quiet, say with conviction: Before I allow myself to be cared for as an old person, as is now the norm here, I would rather divorce voluntarily from life.

There is a great deal of explosive power behind this statement – ​​and a few erroneous assumptions: First of all, many underestimate how worth living old age can be, especially if they work in geriatric care or in hospital. Because they so often have to deal with old people who are very frail, terribly ill or even tired of life.

On the other hand, how these elderly or sick people can feel or come alive when they are at home, in their own four walls or with their loved ones, if they still exist, they do not know. They often only see patients as cases – and can hardly imagine that or how many of them can still lead a life worth living away from the clinics or homes. This is a real problem. We have lost the beauty of old age.

The subject of the living will

Secondly, many overestimate their influence on the rest of their lives – and on their end of life. None of us knows when it will hit him or her. Whether you get run over by a bus in your mid-30s, die of a heart attack in your mid-50s, or develop such a serious illness in your late 70s that you have to rely on the care of others for years before you die.

Little of it has to do with lifestyle, even if many would like it that way. And how exactly a living will has to look like so that in the event of an accident or sudden serious illness it can be implemented exactly as the person concerned would like at that point in time (and not beforehand as a healthy person, because that can make a big difference) , only very few people know.

We should be more interested in care

It is therefore unfortunately not in our hands how and how long we live in old age. But how we will be cared for, should we depend on help, that’s exactly what we have to decide and work on while we’re still able. Politicians have not been concerned for decades, as can be seen from the nursing shortage, which is getting worse instead of better.

If we want to be even halfway well looked after in old age, then we have to address this today. We are interested in it. And don’t stick your head in the sand. This is the worst possibility of all.

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