Regional historians are repositioning themselves

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Regional historians are repositioning themselves

Institute for Historical Regional Studies

The newly elected board, consisting of Christian Geulen (lr), Hedwig Brüchert, Leif Scheuermann and Michael Sprenger, meets at the Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz. Photo: Peter Zschunke/dpa

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The Institute for Historical Regional Studies has a new name and new statutes. In the future, the association sees itself more than before as an institution for the whole of Rhineland-Palatinate.

More than 60 years after its founding, the Institute for Historical Regional Studies (IGL) is positioning itself more broadly and wants to continue to have an impact on the public. An extraordinary general meeting in Mainz decided on a name change, new statutes and elected a new board.

The new name Institute for Historical Regional Studies of Rhineland-Palatinate expresses the self-image of promoting regional history throughout the federal state. The association was previously called the Institute for Historical Regional Studies at the University of Mainz.

The fact that the institute is also anchored at the Universities of Trier and Koblenz accentuates its special character as a state institution, said the historian Michael Matheus, who temporarily took over the management of the institute following the surprising resignation of the previous board. “If we hadn’t agreed to take over this emergency board, it might have ended in November,” said historian Hans Berkessel, who has now also left the executive committee.

Contrary to the efforts to limit the institute more to scientific research, the general assembly confirmed the motto “Research, Communicate, Participate”. This includes networking with historical associations, societies, museums and archives. Many of the approximately 800 IGL members are also involved there.

The assembly elected three new board members: Leif Scheuermann from the University of Trier and Christian Geulen from the University of Koblenz took on the honorary role as chairmen. The previous managing director Michael Sprenger was appointed secretary. Treasurer Hedwig Brüchert was confirmed in her office. Matheus, who was appointed honorary chairman, was confident that another board member from the University of Mainz would join them.

The Board of Directors includes, among others, State Parliament President Hendrik Hering (SPD). A new Scientific Advisory Board with eight elected members was set up.


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