The Ballermann project continues: In great need with ten naked hairdressers

The continuation of Simon Mack’s Ballermann project can be reported here today. After the composer and arranger Ingo Flamingo’s hymn “Saufen” was set to music in the style of a Bach cantata and tried to get alcohol abuse under control (“Drink, morning, noon, evening, I want to drink … The tap has to run . .. The main thing is alcohol!” etc.), for a few days now you can enjoy the sexist party hit “Ten Naked Hairdressers” by Mickie Krause as an art song in the manner of Arnold Schönberg.

Enjoy might be the wrong word. Because in order to be able to appreciate these musical reflections on the primitive material of instinctual relief, which can hardly be perceived as a cultural production, not only a willingness to taste pain, a robust stomach and a resilient mind are required, but also a little basic knowledge of the Viennese school and twelve-tone music . And in order to be able to grasp the height of climb, it is unfortunately also necessary to look at the original and let the text melt in your mouth.

“I want ten naked hairdressers, / ten naked hairdressers, ohoh, / ten naked hairdressers, / with really damp hair…”, says Mickie Krause. He then lists, leaving out the appropriate rhyming words, what he doesn’t want from what kind of women – “ladies”, “women”, “cuts” or “bunnies”. And he keeps coming back to the ten hairdressers who, counterintuitively, are said to have washed their hair themselves.

The pain begging in the cantabile keynote dominant original for the compassionate solidarity of Uffda two-bar stomping along erupts in the song performance of the soprano Ramona Laxy, accompanied on the piano by the composer himself, in all solitude and hardness. Male impotence, expressed solely through the new pitch, is also freed from taboos, as is the rather rare sexual compulsive disorder, which draws its nerve-wracking dynamic from the unfulfillability and excessive demands of an easily decipherable group sex fantasy with no more and no less than ten haircutters. The obvious sexual dysfunction, which in the original is supposed to be banished by the ostentation from which it springs, receives its tender redemption through the artistic disharmony, because one thing is clear: Here relief is only possible through castration.

People who suffer from a similar condition as Mickie Krause can buy the sheet music on the composer’s website. may it help.

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