Erding: The district association of the ADFC is planning a cycling school

An era has come to an end at the ADFC district association: After nine years, Horst Weise no longer took office as chairman and made room for a new management team. The new chairman Peter Gutting wants to focus more on team spirit and build on Weise’s work. In addition to this continuity, the new board also wants to set its own accents. As early as next year, there are plans to increase the safety of cyclists with a cycling school. A place for a training ground has not yet been found, but since the city of Erding is on board with the search, the cycling association is confident.

Weise has left big footsteps at the Erdinger ADFC. When he took office, the district association had just over 100 members. Now, at the end of his term of office, there are more than 500. With a varied tour program, an attractive offer has been created for members and it also takes on social tasks such as maintaining the approximately 2000 kilometers of tourist cycle paths in the Erding district. There are also days of action where you can have your bike coded, or advice for cities and communities when it comes to bike paths.

In terms of personnel, the company is well prepared for safety training

You want to keep this spectrum and expand it with the cycling school. The ADFC has already carried out such safety training as a pilot project for pedelecs. The district association had two driving safety trainers certified by the state association and has now gained two more. We are already well equipped in terms of personnel. In particular, the correct handling of e-bikes must be trained, said Gutting. The proportion of these bikes in road traffic has increased enormously, according to the new chairman. “Five years ago we had about ten percent of our tours with pedelecs, today it’s 90 percent.”

And these bikes are in a different weight class: they weigh an average of 25 kilograms, with a little luggage you’re already at 30. “You should have practiced how to keep your balance with an emergency brake,” said Heinz-Joachim Leisten , responsible for the tour program and training. The situation is similar with the cargo bikes: “Some of these are quite robust parts with completely different curve radii.” The city of Erding also offers them for loan. But even here, Leisten would recommend everyone to complete safety training before their first ride.

According to the ADFC, the city of Erding genuinely cares about the cyclists

However, the question of space is still unresolved. The old traffic training area, which was used by the police for safety training for students, is no longer suitable and is no longer used. In addition, the requirements for road safety training for students are different than for the adult courses that the ADFC has in mind. For the pedelec courses, which the ADFC has already held, you can use the rear area of ​​the FOS/BOS. But that can only be a temporary solution, because there are no markings or signs. But the ADFC is very confident that a new traffic training ground will be found somewhere. The connection to the city of Erding is very good and the fact that Erding genuinely cares about cyclists is also shown by its inclusion in the Working Group for Cycle-Friendly Municipalities (AGFK).

In general, the bicycle as a means of transport is also becoming more and more accepted politically: “The future will have to develop more and more in the direction of replacing the car,” said Leisten. Erding already has a mobility concept and is developing it further, Taufkirchen is also working on a mobility concept in which bicycles play an important role, and the district has commissioned a cycle path concept. However, the ADFC also wants to encourage other municipalities in the district to work out their own concepts and offers advice on this.

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