When your own home becomes a danger: A thriller about domestic violence

“Tatort” from Dresden
When your own home becomes a danger: A thriller about domestic violence

Dresden detectives Karin Gorniak (Karin Hanczewski) and Leonie Winkler (Cornelia Gröschel) make a chilling discovery during a routine check

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In their new case, the Dresden commissioners have to solve the disappearance of a woman. Kidnapping, murder or fleeing the husband: Gorniak and Winkler investigate in different directions.

  • 4 out of 5 points
  • A moving crime story that outlines a toxic marriage

What’s the matter?

The Dresden businessman Simon Fischer (Christian Bayer) reports his wife Kathrin as missing. When investigators Karin Gorniak (Karin Hanczewski) and Leonie Winkler (Cornelia Gröschel) arrive at his villa, Fischer cannot be found at first. Instead, the policewomen find a huge pool of blood in the bedroom, which suggests a violent crime. The husband, apparently in shock, shows up a little later and says he is looking for his wife on his own. During the investigation, the entrepreneur shows little cooperation and thus becomes a suspect himself. Did Simon Fischer kill his wife and just stage the kidnapping? Inspector Karin Gorniak in particular suspects that the man has something to hide.

Why is the case “The cold house” worthwhile?

The “crime scene” deals with the topic of domestic violence against women. Far too many women are still victims, and women’s own home is still the most dangerous place. “How often does a husband in Germany try to kill his wife?” asks Inspector Gorniak in one scene. “Every day. Every third day with success,” says her colleague Winkler. Screenwriters Christoph Busche and Anne Zohra Berrached have convincingly portrayed the Fischers’ toxic marriage. How Simon Fischer isolates his wife from her friends, persuades her to give up her job as a psychologist and takes her completely for himself – also with violence. Also typical is the recurring promise to change after every outbreak of violence – and then not to do it after all.

What bothers?

The film doesn’t always do justice to the bitter subject of domestic violence. Some scenes seem unintentionally ridiculous. For example, Kathrin Fischer acted as a life coach before she disappeared and shot YouTube videos under the name “Glückssucherin”. These passages seem particularly silly. Serious tones throughout would have been more appropriate here.

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The Commissioners?

Karin Gorniak actually wanted to celebrate her birthday with champagne and balloons, but then she and her colleague Leonie Winkler were taken to the case. It brings back unpleasant memories of Gorniak’s childhood.

Turn on or off?

It’s not a relaxed case for a Whit Monday, but the Dresden duo has developed into a strong women’s team. Switching on is worthwhile.

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