Combustion engine out?  300 scientists warn against ban

In an open letter, more than 300 scientists warn against getting rid of the internal combustion engine too soon. The reason: On Wednesday, the EU Parliament wants to vote on the EU Commission’s proposal to ban new cars with internal combustion engines from 2035.

The experts, who come from mechanical, chemical or chemical engineering disciplines, write that they have “major concerns about proposed legislation to reduce CO2 emissions”. The scientists believe that the “real” Co2 emissions of all electrically powered cars (BEV) are often presented in a distorted way.

Scientists: EU calculation is ‘useless and misleading’

The calculation of the CO2 emissions of an electricity demand according to the standard approach of the EU is “useless and misleading”. The calculation would also underestimate “the real CO2 emissions of electricity demand by far,” the letter says. Moreover, the additional demand for electricity must essentially be covered by fossil fuels. This leads to the assumed “misleading” from which the “significantly increased” CO2 emissions result.

The association, which issued the letter under the label International Association for Research into Sustainable Drive and Vehicle Technology (IASTEC), advocates the further development of electromobility, but is also in favor of a “significantly more ambitious” expansion of so-called reFuels as “admixture components to fuel”. . So-called reFuels are regenerative, bio- and synthetic fuels.

It is not the first open letter that IASTEC has written. Scientists published such demands in a similar way last year. However, the letter was sharply criticized – including by Professor Christian Rehtanz from the TU Dortmund. The letter was “highly embarrassing” and a “scientifically disguised lobbyist letter”.

Around 60 experts from Germany were among the authors of the letter that has now been published, including scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). A total of 314 professionals signed the letter. Previously, companies such as Ford and Volvo had joined forces to push for a ban on cars with internal combustion engines in the EU in an open letter.

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