Communism for Germany?  Black lyricist stirs up spirits with advance

Communism has repeatedly brought death, torture, oppression and bondage to millions of people, wrote the FDP politician and Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP) recently on Twitter. According to Buschmann, anyone who talks about communism but doesn’t mention these facts doesn’t seem to know the story.

The German-Israeli psychologist and author Ahmad Mansour indicates also outraged: How is it that in 2022? communism is traded as a real alternative in Germany? “Maybe because totalitarianism isn’t just an issue for the far right?”

A topic with great explosive power

One thing is certain: the topic has a great explosive force – although the background seems rather harmless. The poet Elisa Aseva recently told Deutschlandfunk Kultur, when asked about her attitude towards communism, that she believes “that we have to have communism if we want a future for all.” She understands when people are sensitive to the issue, but she grew up among “rejected children from German society and a lot of refugee children” for whom life doesn’t always offer opportunities.

A few sentences fall uncensored in a conversation about the poems and the author’s personal career and provoke a great echo, mixed with a real shitstorm. The current economic woes only exacerbate the debate.

The Twitter blogger Anabel immediately called Deutschlandfunk a “shit booth”. “Communism has enough people on its conscience,” insisted the blogger.
“Your compulsory fees for the fake work of communicating with critics, when communism is described as desirable and Germany as a ‘junk society’,” said journalist Rainer Meyer, who writes on Twitter under the pseudonym Don Alphonso.

The Greens politician Volker Beck contributed that there is no such thing as good communism because communism needs violence. “Flirting with this anti-democratic idea” is neither funny nor intellectually original.

Ex-Bild boss Julian Reichelt, now a media manager on the loose, ironized in his own way on the subject. This time it will be a gentle, humane communism, according to Reichelt, where really only those are murdered who leave society no other choice. “Resist the beginnings! Never again socialism! Communism never again!” protested another Twitter user, while many directly denounced the GDR or Elisa Aseva personally for the “inhuman ideology”.

Elisa Aseva is now offended by the attacks. She appeals to the book and culture industry and asks them indirectly for support in a discourse in which she is burned as an author and black woman. “Fury and attack for days, but hardly any declarations of solidarity when a black woman speaks about what is necessary against barbarism”, criticized the author on Wednesday afternoon on Twitter.

The poet also has supporters

However, the variety of reactions shows that she already has enough supporters among people who see communism in a more differentiated way and do not connect it directly with the crimes of the dictatorships – albeit from the left spectrum.

“You’ve never read Marx & when you think of communism, all you can think of is Gulag?”, reacted such as left-wing politicians never Movassat responds to criticism of communism – and counters it with capitalism. Democracy and capitalism are not synonymous, insists the left, because otherwise large corporations would not have so much political power. What is needed instead is “a real democracy” in which all parts of society are “democratized”.

“Anti-communism is so widespread in society,” argued for her part, the right-wing extremism expert Veronika Kracher from the Amadeu Antonio Foundation for the Strengthening of Democratic Civil Society, – “Because capitalism needs it to present itself as inevitable, to suggest that it is normal for people to have nothing to eat, while billionaires Tail comparison chasing rockets into space”.

The left-wing Karl Dietz Verlag Berlin followed suit: Communism is not a condition that should be created and not an ideal that reality will have to conform to. Rather, it is “the real movement that abolishes the current situation.”

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