Robert Lewandowski and FC Bayern: The boiling soup

Thomas Müller is not only a space interpreter on the field, sometimes he also masters it, in easily digestible choice of words, to secure the interpretive sovereignty over current football debates. On the sidelines of the international match against England, the FC Bayern national player has now also commented on the publicly formulated transfer request of his current and possibly one day former Munich teammate Robert Lewandowski – and in two language images borrowed from the culinary art said a lot about what is currently known must: “It doesn’t do any harm if (…) the old thing is repeatedly reheated. It can also taste good, like in the microwave,” said Müller. And: “It doesn’t bother me if the soup keeps cooking.”

Of course, a dish that has been reheated and a soup that is about to be completed are phenomena of different quality. But perhaps Müller deliberately said both so as not to anticipate the end of the Lewandowski transfer saga if he suspected it. The food or soup will continue to sizzle or bubble for a while, as one has been able to guess since Tuesday at the latest.

Tuesday saw the latest episode of Lewandowski’s I want to go to Barcelona immediately campaign, which differs from previous I want to go to Madrid campaigns that have been rehearsed several times in that the exchange is much more heated than ever. “I want to speak quietly, not via the media,” said the Pole – in a detailed media interview with the picture-Newspaper. The topic: that he would like to move to Barcelona immediately.

He doesn’t want to “put any more fuel on the fire,” says Lewandowski

In parts, the interview is probably something of an attempt to gain understanding among FC Bayern supporters (“It’s about finding the best solution”). Against the background of the statements of the previous days, however, it sometimes reads rather satirically. The Polish portal he had said about his motives for a change: “Something has gone out inside me, I want more emotions in my life.” For the time being, however, the emotions should “cool off” – for successful talks with FC Bayern about an immediate move to Barcelona, ​​mind you.

He didn’t want to “pour any more oil on the fire,” said Lewandowski. But of course that shouldn’t mean that the fire is going out. There was a phone call between the striker and Hasan Salihamidzic. But whether there are now no further statements on the subject? “In the real football world,” said Lewandowski almost philosophically, “there has to be silence, especially during the transfer period.” It officially doesn’t start until July 1st. So you can certainly ask Thomas Müller again on the sidelines of the upcoming international matches.

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