"Wrong turn": This is how Lauterbach imagines the Corona measures in the fall - variant worried
  • Corona expert advice gives recommendations for measures in autumn/winter
  • Karl Lauterbach wants opinion as a basis for pandemic control to use
  • Schools and day-care centers: Health Minister comments on possible closures
  • Corona rules in autumn 2022: The Council has agreed on this

Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) wants the Corona expert advice make the new statement submitted by the federal government the basis for fighting the pandemic in autumn. The report will be “significant for our fight against the pandemic in the fall,” said Lauterbach on Wednesday evening (June 8, 2022) in Düsseldorf. “We will evaluate this report and, on the basis of the report, come up with recommendations in a timely manner, with which we can autumn prepare.”

Corona measures in autumn: Lauterbach wants to be prepared for a new wave

Lauterbach was concerned about the increase in cases of infection of the BA.5 omicron variant. “We don’t know yet if there is one corona wave will be in the summer, »he said at one of the Rheinische Post organized physician network meetings. But it will be more difficult in the fall. “We need an instrument box.” Also with secondary infections people who have already had Corona must be expected.

Lauterbach also expects that there will be better ones vaccines will be in the fall, with which one is also better prepared for the Omikron variants. “When these vaccines are there, we will present a vaccination process and call on the population to be vaccinated,” said Lauterbach.

A fresh start for a general vaccination Lauterbach emphasized that there would be no such thing in the Bundestag. In his opinion, the country would have gotten through the pandemic better if the Bundestag had decided to make vaccination compulsory. “We took the wrong turn as the Bundestag,” he said about the failure of compulsory vaccination in the spring.

Infection Protection Act: Agreements with FDP necessary

Lauterbach was sure that again School and daycare closures can be avoided in autumn. “I don’t think that could ever be appropriate again.” When revising the Infection Protection Act, which expires on September 23, Lauterbach wants to accommodate the FDP and decide on changes as late as possible. But what he can do independently of the law, he will implement sooner.

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Of the Corona Expert Council of the Federal Government had previously published a legal basis for quick reactions to possible increasing numbers of infections in autumn and winter on Wednesday. The experts expect another significant burden of the healthcare system and the infrastructure that is critical for the population and the state. The committee, which has been working on behalf of the federal and state governments since December, presented its eleventh statement, while clear differences are again emerging in the coalition about the future corona course.

What the Corona Expert Council recommends for autumn/winter:

“Proactive preparation with short response times”: In any case, the preparation requires, among other things, “a solid legal basis for infection control measures“. The experts state: “The remaining vaccination gap and declining immunity over time, ongoing viral evolution and disease activity from other respiratory pathogens are likely to place significant stress on the healthcare system and critical infrastructure again in the fall/winter.”

How the Council envisages the corona tests in the future:

If the infection situation is stable, the Testing be limited to symptomatic cases, well-founded suspected cases and the protection of risk groups. According to the Council, there should be a test infrastructure that can be quickly reactivated in the fall. For hospitals and nursing homes the Council proposes regular screening for corona and influenza viruses.

How the Council assesses the situation in autumn: Three scenarios are possible

Based on a high level of immunization in the population and the occurrence of virus variants with reduced disease severity, the scientists are designing three scenarios: A new virus variant would be unfavorable, but possible – more transmissible and with increased disease severity. Severe Covid courses could then occur even in vaccinated people without an additional vaccination.

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Mask requirement and distance requirements would probably be necessary again by spring 2023. The need for contact restrictions would be “conceivable”, but not likely, according to Council President Heyo Kroemer. “The pandemic is definitely not over,” said the Berlin Charité boss. According to the Council, a favorable scenario and a baseline scenario would have less serious effects.

Why there was a fuss about the Corona Committee in advance:

In April, the fact that the Berlin virologist Christian Drosten withdrew from the committee caused a stir. Drosten’s reason: the equipment and composition of the committee were not sufficient for a high-quality evaluation. On the other hand, Drosten is still a member of the expert council of the federal and state governments.

the Southgerman newspaper reported that a draft for the evaluation was “already being torn apart in expert circles”. In the chapter on the Corona measures negative consequences would be overemphasized. The chairman of the expert council, Kroemer, did not want to anticipate the report of the evaluation committee: The council is convinced “that the state needs appropriate tools from our point of view” – but which ones, “others are arguing about that,” says Kroemer.

What is particularly important to the expert council:

Long-term improvements – namely in data analysis and forecasting, in behavior management and communication as well as in prevention. The intensive care physician Christian Karagiannidis said that the aim was to move away from looking at the 7-day incidence and towards a digital real-time image that included the actual severity of the disease.

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