Berlin: The prices in a discount store have risen so sharply in just 2 months

The inflation rate in Germany is rising continuously. According to the Federal Statistical Office, at the end of May it reached 7.9 percent, the highest level since 1979. Energy prices have risen even more drastically, gas prices alone by 42 percent compared to December 31, 2021.

Many groceries and everyday products have also become much more expensive recently – but to what extent?

An analysis by the independent consumer has shown which products have seen their prices rise particularly sharply in a period of less than 2 months. According to its own statements, the portal compared the prices of over 50 own-brand products in a randomly selected Berlin discounter on March 23, 2022 and May 19, 2022 and has now evaluated the result. This is how the top 10 products with the highest price increase looks like:

1st place: The organic butter is said to have become around 31 percent more expensive. While a 250 gram pack cost EUR 2.29 in March, the price in May was EUR 2.99.

Place 2: Also Sliced ​​salami demonstrates a rapid price increase of around 29 percent. A 130 gram pack cost 1.79 euros in May at the end of May.

place 3: At shampoo a 500 ml bottle of a private label now costs EUR 0.95 in May instead of EUR 0.75 in March – a price increase of around 27 percent.

4th place: Of the black Forest ham increased in price from 1.19 euros to 1.49 euros for an 80 gram pack and was thus around 25 percent more expensive.

5th place: 300 grams Gouda cheese cost EUR 1.99 in March, and EUR 2.49 in May – also up around 25 percent.


These products became particularly expensive in a Berlin discounter between March 25th and May 19th.

Even the fine ones Liverwurst According to an evaluation by the portal, it has become around 18 percent more expensive. A 175 gram pack cost 1.29 euros at the end of May instead of 1.09 euros in March.

The following in the list oatmeal with 0.69 instead of 0.59 euros for a 500 gram pack – plus 17 percent – the whipped cream and the Toilet paper.

One litre orange juice also cost 14 percent more at the end of May than in March.


Top 10 foods that have become particularly expensive in a Berlin discounter.

In the meantime, Chancellor Olaf Scholz has again commented on inflation in Germany – albeit with a view to rising energy costs. He himself does not want to have to save on heating privately, says Scholz. “I’m like everyone else. I would like the apartment to be properly heated.”

However, Scholz also said: “You don’t have to overheat. I think so, one or the other can look again at how many degrees he has set there.” For his part, US President Joe Biden is not afraid of drastic words. Inflation is the bane of our existence, Biden recently said on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show. Because many Americans are angry because food and gas prices are rising, much more dramatically than the official inflation rate of 8.26 percent has shown so far.

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