Corona: "The worst case: the athlete falls dead on the field"

Sport after Covid-19


“The worst case: the athlete falls dead on the field”

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Sport after Covid-19:

“So you have to have respect for the disease, even if it is mild”: sports physician Milan Dinic.

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Sports physician Milan Dinic talks about short breaks for recreational and competitive athletes after corona infections, the risk of heart muscle inflammation and explains when and how much exercise is reasonable.


Sebastian Winter, Munich

Training as usual or taking part in competitions immediately after a corona illness: This is how many recreational and competitive athletes imagine it, at least after a mild course. But it’s not that easy, starting too early can have fatal consequences. In an interview, the Munich cardiologist and sports physician Milan Dinic advises against quick shots, advises holistic regeneration – and paints a bleak picture for the coming autumn.

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