Dahoam is Dahoam: When two women get married

Before going to the fictional village of Lansing, the scene of the BR soap opera “Dahoam is Dahoam”, a detour to another film set: “Lindenstraße”. There was a French kiss between two men in 1990. The indignation in parts of the public, in conservative and church circles culminated in a bomb threat against the TV production.

Well, times are changing, 32 years later “Dahoam is Dahoam” gets a lesbian wedding, tavern cook Sarah marries Jenny. The scenes for the August episode “Our colorful wedding” were shot these days, a PR spokeswoman rejoices: The couple will have to struggle with a fallen wedding cake and the church. But in the end everything turns out well. Jenny actress Laura Tashina says that the series has “long since arrived in the social present.”

In fact, apart from entertainment, the soap is somehow also a reflection of society, above all of village life between tradition and change. Except for Corona, by the way, the pandemic never made it into the scripts. But the question now is: Aren’t people in the country more advanced in real life than you think in the author’s studios?

The only thing discussed in fan forums is whether the women fit together

At least that’s what the relevant fan forums suggest, in which viewers passionately discuss every scene as if it were about their own neighborhood. Mostly there is joy about the news, at most there are doubts as to whether the two fit together. But many don’t understand the hype about the colorful wedding, which is “not worth a headline these days”. Which, by the way, coincides with views in the real Bavarian countryside, where people are generally reluctant to see themselves portrayed as hillbilly in the media or in political debates in 2022. In young CSU circles, for example, one hears more often that when it comes to homophobia, it is not Max in the village that is the problem, but rather Murat in the big city.

In the end, Jenny and Sarah will even have the pastor as their support. That’s nice, as Sarah was once sawed off as the leader of the Catholic youth after she came out. Marriage is always a change for the series. Current excitement: Farmer Benedikt runs over the rooster with the tractor, to the annoyance of his wife Moni. But servant Severin coaxes the old district administrator’s copy from a card game. Everything will be fine!

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