First district in Saxony avoids compulsory vaccination for nursing professions

Many unvaccinated nurses in the district of Mittelsachsen do not have to fear any negative consequences, despite compulsory vaccination. A spokesman for the district office said that the health department had already given 1,200 affected people written confirmation that they could continue to work without restrictions. This was justified with the security of supply in the approximately 570 care facilities in the region. A total of around 3,200 employees were reported to the authority who were neither vaccinated nor recovered nor able to present a medical certificate.

According to the information, the district deviates from the nationwide procedure in the corona pandemic and refrains from hearing those affected and threatening fines and bans on entry. Rather, the nursing facilities are asked whether the security of care would be jeopardized if the unvaccinated employees were banned from entering.

Saxony: Almost 25,000 nurses without proof of vaccination or recovery

“Our goal is to process all cases quickly,” said District Administrator Matthias Damm (CDU). In this way, the employees should quickly get clarity. “It is crucial for the district that the security of supply is guaranteed.” In its approach, the authority relies on its discretion. The facility-related vaccination requirement has been in effect since mid-March. In extreme cases, unvaccinated employees are threatened with a ban on entry.

According to preliminary figures, the care facilities in Saxony have so far reported around 24,700 employees who have submitted no or incomplete proof, the Ministry of Health announced on Thursday on request. The numbers from Mittelsachsen are not included because of a software problem.

Saxony’s health minister fears supply bottlenecks

Minister of Health Petra Köpping (SPD) confirmed that when dealing with the facility-related vaccination requirement, the security of supply must have priority. “We trust the districts and urban districts completely and have always said that where security of supply cannot be guaranteed, no entry ban can be issued.” She is convinced that the local authorities are very responsibly decided. Reports from the authorities on the implementation of compulsory vaccination are expected at the end of June.

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