Futurium moves!

BerlinHow mobile are we? That’s what we ask ourselves and especially you at our summer festival on the future of mobility. Together we want to bring utopias to the streets, observe nature on the go, get to know our city from completely different perspectives, have quizzes and picnics and discover a lot of new things in the Futurium. Look forward to a weekend full of movement!

We spend the summer in Lisbon, study in Brazil, visit family in Vietnam and work remotely from Tel Aviv. At least in theory. Because how freely and self-determined someone can decide on a new place of residence or just on a trip depends on many factors. One’s own history, family and background play a major role, but money, health, relationships and education also influence how we move in the world.

Nature is also traveling with us. Whether from near or far, pathogens, plants and animal species travel with us. Whether airplanes or cars, bicycles or trains: our means of transport and our routes have consequences for other living beings and our ecosystems.

In the festival “Futurium Moves!” we collect perspectives on the mobility of people, other living beings and things. Together we look at social imbalances and open our eyes to ideas for the future. We want to be creative and utopian with you… on the road!

In a new area of ​​the exhibition, we are dealing with the question of how we are changing nature with our travel and the global flow of goods. New exhibits, illustrations, films and artistic installations provide insights into challenges and possible future solutions.

You are invited to a varied programme: a walk-in world map and an interactive theater await participants of all ages on the forecourt of the Futurium. For children and families there will be a creative offer with painting and robot workshops, “chalk mile” and family quiz. Special highlights: On Saturday from 7 p.m. there will be a round of talks on global mobility and local perspectives In the evening hours the big picnic for the Open Society Day takes place.The summer festival includes many accessible program items and offers events with migrant perspectives on the topic of global mobility in German, English, Spanish, Arabic and Kurdish.

The program

Living utopia and walk-in world map with game and interactive theater +++ Guided tours through new exhibition areas and the lab +++ Creative program for kids and families with rally, flight simulator, chalk mile, painting and robot workshops, family quiz +++ Highlight -Talk about global mobility and local perspectives +++ Discussing the status quo and future scenarios +++ Wandering through the city +++ Big picnic +++ Low-barrier offers

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