Rampage: Even my child could have been standing there

After the fact, the silver-colored small car is stuck in a shop window. One door open, the window of the Douglas perfumery broken, the car tilted slightly. This is how the scene after the frantic drive is captured in photos. And so this image will be burned into our collective memory. We’ll see it again in our mind’s eye whenever we get triggered again.

This is a phenomenon of insecurity. But it is also one that we cannot escape. For us who have seen this picture and heard about the fact, it will forever be linked to the fact that here a man crashed his car into a school class and killed people. In seconds. Simply that way. On a normal Wednesday in Berlin. Any one of us could have stood there.

What doesn’t make it better is who got hurt there in those seconds. On the contrary. they are children A school class became the target. A tenth class on a graduation trip. 16-year-olds and their teachers. Anyone who has children immediately thinks of their own, especially if they are the same age and in tenth grade. My child could have stood there. It could be dead now. Simply that way. One can hardly escape this phenomenon either.

Of course, other people are actually affected. A teacher died, many students and another teacher were seriously injured. We feel sorry for them and their families. And yet there is more. We too have been hurt. We think back to the horror just before Christmas 2016, when a terrorist drove a truck into the Breitscheidplatz Christmas market to kill people, just around the corner from where the silver-colored compact car has now apparently been used in a similar way – if not by a politically motivated assassin. We wonder why the bollards that were put up there after 2016 couldn’t prevent the new act. And this question only shows helplessness again. Of course, we know that bollards don’t actually prevent anything. They should make us feel safer.

disasters in the neighborhood

There is no security from such acts, nor from accidents and other catastrophes. That’s a truism, but that doesn’t make it suddenly untrue. In normal life we ​​only suppress this fact and of course that makes sense. After all, we couldn’t lead a normal life with a permanent feeling of being threatened. And depending on your nature, it impresses some people more and others less.

We are resilient. Every day we deal with disasters we hear about in the news that don’t happen to us. But it’s something else when the drama moves closer to our immediate neighborhood in Berlin, when we involuntarily build mental bridges of connection. It’s worth exploring, but it’s also good not to overdo it. You don’t have to have seen every picture and know every detail. Because this digging into such incidents also leads to uncertainty. We also learned that in 2016.

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