Weather in Germany: A week of summer is imminent - "a dream" for outdoor fans

Germany is facing a fantastic summer weekend. There are no limits to outdoor leisure activities, as there is no fear of rain or sudden storms. The downside of this weather situation, however, is the drought that is currently affecting Germany.

Azores offshoot “Cenk” will reach Germany from tomorrow (June 10) and will then often take care of it friendly and dry Weather. At the same time, a severe heat wave sets in in south-west Europe. Spain and Portugal will have to deal with unusually high temperatures of between 40 and 48 degrees from Saturday (June 11) – depending on the weather model. Such “life-threatening heat”, as qualified meteorologist Dominik Jung from puts it, is not to be expected in Germany. “Fortunately, we only have peak values ​​of up to 31 or 32 degrees at the weekend,” said Jung.

“A dream” for bathing and barbecue fans – Azores high “Cenk” brings summer heat

“The coming weekend is a dream for all bathing and barbecue fans. Lots of sunshine, 13 to 15 hours of sunshine daily and Temperatures around 25 to 32 degrees. That’s how the weekend can be endured,” says the weather expert. Thunderstorms, like in the weeks before, are not to be expected. In the next week the temperatures also stay at the same level between 25 and 30 degrees and it stays dry.

This is how it will continue in the coming days:

  • Thursday (June 9): 17 to 23 degrees, sun, clouds and a few showers
  • Friday (June 10): 21 to 26 degrees, mostly nice, with sunshine and a few clouds
  • Saturday (June 11): 22 to 29 degrees, often lots of sunshine, hardly any showers
  • Sunday (June 12): 23 to 32 degrees, often sunny and dry, isolated thunderstorms only possible in the evening from the west
  • Monday (June 13): 21 to 26 degrees, often sunshine, hardly any showers
  • Tuesday (June 14): 20 to 26 degrees, a mix of sun and clouds, mostly dry
  • Wednesday (June 15): 22 to 30 degrees, mostly friendly, with sun and a few clouds
  • Thursday (June 16): 23 to 31 degrees, summery warm to hot, sunshine and a few thunderstorms

Apparently a longer, quite nice and dry weather phase is in store for us. Temperatures sometimes go up, sometimes down. They are usually around 22 to 27 degrees. In the southwest sometimes around or slightly over 30 degrees. Much rain is not in sight until the end of next week.

Drought – a challenge for agriculture

“The deep soil layers are often very dry. This is confirmed by the current map of the drought from the Helmholtz Institute for Environmental Research. According to legend, some regions of Germany are currently experiencing an exceptional drought,” says Jung. The researchers even speak of an extraordinary drought – a disadvantage for nature and agriculture.

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