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Rufus Wainwright – “Rufus Does Judy At Capitol Studios”

Great combination actually: the wonderful chansonnier, indie bird and world charmer Rufus Wainwright honors actress and singer Judy Garland, who died in 1969. “Rufus Does Judy At Capitol Studios” (BMG Rights Management/Warner) was recorded in Los Angeles, the former home of everyone who was and is important at Capitol Records and beyond (ie everyone): aside from Garland, for example Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Paul McCartney and from there to the present day. So it sounds absolutely fantastic – living room warm, enormously calm, velvety elegance, very fine enamel. However, it is also extremely produced on Wainwright’s otherwise already latently dramatic voice, which here again and again tilts badly into the theatrical. Everything around it becomes something of a staffage. In other words: instrumental arrangements, also from the jazz or big band genres, do not always have to be exciting or particularly sophisticated. When the frontman gets so operetta-like, they sometimes have a hard time. Jacob Biazza

Albums of the week: undefined

Oscar and the Wolf – “Afterglow EP”

A very appropriate album title: “Afterglow EP” (Pias Recordings). The tracks from Oscar and the Wolf actually seem to have that mysterious glow – as if a deadening retro filter were placed over them, filtering out stress and rigidity. What remains are groovy, murmuring melodies, a melodic hum – and something that you might also call preglow of the summer. Eve Goldbach

Albums of the week: undefined

Saya Gray – “19 Masters”

“You seem confused,” sings the Japanese-Canadian singer Saya Gray in “Little Palm”. The 19 songs on their album “19 Masters” (Dirty Hit) are a coherent guitar excursion and not at all confusing. Although there is a risk: Sometimes a song lasts almost eight minutes, sometimes an intro is only a few seconds long. In “Too Loud!” a gong will then sound. And another one. And then the music stops for a minute. After that: Cautious throbbing, windy fluttering, monotonous whirring. All in all: A terrific mixture of subtle soul music and huge pop experiment. Eve Goldbach

Albums of the week: undefined

Kreator – “Hate About Everything”

Also on “hate about everything” make creator Music that evokes the 80’s but is undoubtedly written in and for the 21st century. A lump of charcoal to warm in uncomfortable times. And yet there is no reactionary streak far and wide, no kitschy nostalgia, no flirting with a glorified past. Overall, the entire album has become less monumental than its predecessor. But rougher, more tangible, more compact, always melodic, with perfectly arranged twin guitars. Ideal for live concerts. Tobias Haberl

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