Exploding fuel prices despite tank discount: Esken is considering a driving ban and speed limit
  • Exploding fuel prices despite the tank discount
  • SPD leader Saskia Esken thinks about measures after
  • Sunday driving ban and speed limit could come
  • “Stinks to high heaven“: Esken criticized oil companies

fuel has recovered after the fall in prices as a result of the tax cut on Wednesday last week significantly more expensive. A liters of diesel is now only 3.2 cents cheaper than the day before the tax was reduced by 16.7 cents.

“Stinks to heaven”: SPD leader Esken criticizes mineral oil companies – and is considering measures

For Super E10, according to ADAC information from Friday (June 10, 2022) 20.9 cents – at a Tax cut of 35.2 cents. “If you factor out the tax cut, the price at the gas station has risen more than the price of crude oil since the end of May. That naturally raises questions,” said the President of the Federal Cartel Office, Andreas Mundt.

SPD leader Esken emphasized that Tax rebates for fuel cost taxpayers around three billion euros. “That the mineral oil companies are now offering this price relief not fully passed on to consumersthe stinks to high heaven.“The cartel office must intervene.

Esken also stops temporary speed limit and Sunday driving bans are conceivable. She referred in the Berliner daily mirror to the Energy Security Act. It allows the government to order such temporary measures.

Lindner (FDP) warns against “hasty judgments” – nobody knows the price without a tank discount

“Minister Habeck needs pressure now do and together with the Federal Cartel Office ensure that the discharge takes effect,” said the FDP parliamentary group leader Christian Dürr Bild newspaper. It must be prevented that The petroleum industry does not pass on the tank discount in full.

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) warned “hasty judgments”. If particularly high profits at the mineral oil companies one cannot say at the moment, said the news portal t-online. be it Task of the Cartel Office to consider that the corporations their not exploit market power.

The price at the pump determined several factors – about the development on the world markets, but also the availability of refinery capacities. There are not very many of them in Germany. “We simply do not know how the fuel price would be, if the energy tax were levied in full. In any case higher,” said Lindner in the interview published on Saturday (June 11, 2022).

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