Elderly women killed: Husbands suspected, motives unclear

Elderly women killed: Husbands suspected, motives unclear

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Why would old people kill their long-term partners? Could hardship bring her this far? In two cases in Bavaria, elderly husbands are suspected of having killed their equally elderly wives. In one case the son also died.

Within two days, two men in Bavaria over the age of 80 allegedly became perpetrators and killed their elderly wives. In one case, the son was also found dead.

An employee of an outpatient nursing service discovered the 85-year-old wife and her 59-year-old son dead in an apartment of a senior couple in Passau, Lower Bavaria. The 86-year-old husband was seriously injured, the police said on Sunday evening.

According to the status of the investigation, it cannot be ruled out that the 86-year-old allegedly killed his wife and son. Then he probably tried to take his own life. The 86-year-old was taken to a hospital with serious injuries. During an emergency operation, his condition was initially stabilized. According to initial findings, the son lived with his parents in the apartment.

The exact course of events and the motive are still unclear. The police also left open how the victims died. “This is the subject of the investigation,” said a police spokesman. The Passau criminal police took over the investigation on suspicion of a homicide. The dead will be autopsied next week.

It was only on Friday that an 84-year-old killed his wife, who was two years younger, in Weilheim, Upper Bavaria. The man called the investigators himself on Friday afternoon, the police said. The officers found the body of the 82-year-old in the apartment. The husband allowed himself to be arrested without resistance.

He admitted the act during his interrogation, reported the police headquarters in Upper Bavaria South. The police initially left open how and why the 84-year-old killed his wife.

Because the man had injuries that he said he had inflicted himself, he was first taken to a hospital under police guard. He was brought before the investigating judge on Saturday, who reportedly issued an arrest warrant for manslaughter.


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