• short “Heat Interlude” announced
  • temperatures far over 30 degrees possible
  • Air from Spain brings heat
  • It can still rise in temperature fail

It is at the beginning of June and already we speak in Germany of 30 degrees: After initial difficulties, the early summer currently at its best. This Sunday is such a warm day. temperatures up to just under 30 degrees should be achieved – at least that is the prognosis. After that, on Monday night, thunderstorms are possible.

“Heat interlude” in Germany: More than 35 degrees possible – heat sucks in from Africa

Forecast with a view to the new week Weather Online one heat wavewhich should be short but violent: “Next weekend there will be one extraordinary heat on. But there are still some Question mark.”

We’ll get to the question marks in a moment. Let’s look at the forecast in detail on: The first “milestone” is supposed to be in Germany on the public holiday, Thursday Corpus Christi be reached. writes about it Weather Onlinethat the temperatures especially on Upper Rhine could be around 30 degrees. After that, the temperatures should also east of Germany increase – up to 35 degrees and more on weekends.

The special thing about this short heat wave: As weather models show, “almost everywhere” the 30 degree mark cracked. Merely “to the Coastal it stays with values 25 degrees a little cooler.” The temperature should rise by Sunday (June 19, 2022), after which it will worry cooler air in the north for thunderstorms and cooling to start the new week.

40 degrees in Madrid – does the heat bubble over Spain also cause maximum temperatures in Germany?

Let’s get back to those Question mark: Although the Majority of weather models forecast this intense heat“, sees Weather Online still insecurity. Currently the Sahara air, which is supposed to provide us with the heat, over Spain. reign there currently temperatures around 40 degrees. Even 41 degrees are expected in Madrid on Wednesday.

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Responsible for the heat in the country on Iberian Peninsula is noisy Weather Online a Low over Portugal, which sucks in the heat from Africa like a vacuum cleaner. This low will continue to shift northeast and “along with a High then send it to them hot air to us in Germany.” Now the decisive point: “But if the high is a little further south or the low is further north, the great heat has already settled here.”

Meteorologists always look at each other multiple weather models on. This usually includes several possibilities and many assumptions. The models would have several “runs”, is it[called”Inthemainracesallsignsarecurrentlyonexceptional heat With Highs around 35 degrees.” Other variants would “only” Values ​​around 30 degrees demonstrate.

Heat will hit Germany – only possible maximum temperatures uncertain

Smallest changes in our atmosphere” could about the course of the “heat bubble” decide, writes Weather Online finally. But one thing is certain: In the coming week it will definitely be warm – maybe even extremely hot.

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