Almost 84 million euros in corona aid reclaimed

Almost 84 million euros in corona aid reclaimed

Application for Corona Aid

A pen lies on an application for the Corona emergency aid grant. Photo: Robert Michael/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa/Archive image

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Hamburg has so far wanted almost 84 million euros in corona aid back because it was wrongly paid out. The Senate cannot provide any new figures for criminal proceedings – too many vacationers and cases of illness in the public prosecutor’s office.

The city of Hamburg has so far unjustly reclaimed Corona aid amounting to 83.7 million euros. Of this, 32.6 million euros have now actually been repaid, according to the Senate response to a small question from the CDU citizenship deputy Richard Seelmaecker. According to the Hamburg Investment and Development Bank (IFB Hamburg), since the beginning of the pandemic, more than ten billion euros have been paid to the Hamburg economy in the form of direct aid or tax aid to overcome the crisis.

On the other hand, according to the Senate, there were 10,229 claims for reimbursement by the end of May, the overwhelming majority of which were justified by the lack of application requirements. By the end of March, 39 people had been convicted of subsidy fraud and confiscation decisions had been made in 31 proceedings. According to the Senate, it was unable to present more recent data due to vacation and sickness absences in the IT department of the public prosecutor’s office. The same applies to the total amount of damage from all corona criminal proceedings. By the end of March, there had been 242 investigations into fraud.

“The perpetrators, who stole millions with corona fraud at the expense of the general public, must be brought to justice immediately,” said Seelmaecker of the German Press Agency. In addition, it is essential that the stolen subsidies are fully skimmed off.

Whether that will succeed in Hamburg is very questionable in view of the considerable workload on the public prosecutor’s office. “She is so overburdened that she cannot even answer Parliament how many confiscation decisions exist in this context – how should she then deal with the substantive work?” Said the judicial policy spokesman for the CDU parliamentary group.


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