Netflix celebrity chef reveals dishes to satisfy all cravings

“This book is for the calmest person I know. Who likes to do everything…nicely…slowly…. The only thing he does fast is eat.” This is the dedication, Nadiya Hussain’s latest Cookbook “Nadiya’s Lust & Mood Kitchen” initiates. Hussain himself, on the other hand, is often rather rushed. Dreams of a long bubble bath at lunchtime, only to be satisfied with the cat’s wash.

“I have fully accepted that life moves as fast as it wants and I have no control over it,” writes the mother-of-three. But she has control over the food and the preparation. The recipes in her new book are all either quick to make or quick to taste, or as she explains: quickly tuned to taste. And they will satisfy any culinary craving, no matter how burning, Hussain promises.

Even the Queen loves Nadiya Hussain’s dishes

In 2015, Nadiya Hussain won the sixth season of “The Great Bake-Off” and has been a star in the UK ever since. She is said to have cooked herself into the heart of the Queen. Hussain caused a sensation internationally with the Netflix show “Time to eat” (German: Foodhacks with Nadiya Hussain). Several of her cookbooks have already been published, “Nadiya’s Lust & Mood Kitchen” is the newest. Hussain finds the inspiration for her recipes in her South Asian roots, with a creative twist on top.

Whether meals in huge pots for the extended family or a snack in between, it has to be fast and uncomplicated — that’s her credo. Some of her recipes can be cooked very quickly, while others offer practical shortcuts. In it, for example, leftovers are used or ingredients from cans are processed without this being detrimental to the aroma.

The book wants to provide first aid. And that’s when you’re on your way home, thinking about what kind of food you’d like: something herbal, spicy, creamy-cheesy, nutty, lemony, rustic, fruity or sweet? The book is divided into eight chapters. Hussain says: “You will find what you are looking for in this book and I can promise you that it is super delicious”. There is, for example, the Bombay Patty Burger, salmon with salsa verde or “Dirty Rice” with tamarind chicken.

Five recipes out “Nadiya’s Lust & Mood Kitchen” is in the photo gallery above.

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