State parliament in Bavaria: SPD wants to change the order of speakers

If you walk through the Roman Forum with a bit of imagination and the remnants of your humanistic school education, you can perhaps still guess the atmosphere between the old stones that must have prevailed on Rome’s central square at the time. When the politicians spoke on the Rostra, on the tribunes, and tried to inspire people or political opponents.

There must have been grandiose orators in ancient Rome if the traditions are to be believed. Our descendants will not be quite as impressed by some of the state parliament protocols. In fact, anyone who listens to a debate in the plenary hall quickly realizes that apparently not all MPs have studied Cicero’s art of speech.

But sometimes it’s also ungrateful. What brilliant things can you say about changing the Bavarian Roads and Roads Act or about the electronic submission of original documents in the deposit procedure? In addition, in front of a sparsely occupied room when the fellow parliamentarians are already having dinner.

In terms of the number of seats in the state parliament, the SPD has now overtaken the AfD

Nevertheless, the lectern is the stage for the MPs. Strict rules apply to who is allowed to say how much and when. For example, size matters. And that’s why the AfD is behind the Greens, but ahead of the SPD, because they did a little bit better in the state elections. In the meantime, however, the AfD parliamentary group has experienced a decline after internal quarrels and now has just 17 members – but the SPD still has 22.

Reason enough for SPD leader Florian von Brunn to call for the order of speakers to be rearranged in line with his mission to restore some relevance to the time-honored party in Bavaria. However, the CSU does not participate.

The rules of procedure of the state parliament would have to be changed, in which the order was determined at the beginning of the legislative period and that was finally agreed across factions, argues the parliamentary manager of the CSU. And starting with the list of speakers, who knows what’s next. After all, access to committee chairs is also about the size of the group.

So the SPD is still on after the AfD. And now has to see the opportunity in it: after the often populist chatter, rhetoric can shine all the more brightly.

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