Spezi Zero: One of the last bastions of sugar bomb drinks falls

What is actually the nice thing about a friend like that? Before one can look for answers to this question, the term must first be clarified. It’s like Tesa, Tempo or Selters: one brand stands for the whole. According to the Riegele brewery in Augsburg, Spezi comes from the Riegele brewery in Augsburg. After the Second World War, a beer called Spezi was first brought onto the market there. Until then, the word in Bavarian only stood for friend, and the term has been protected since 1956. A new recipe, an association and many licenses later, in addition to the original, Paulaner also has its own special, Flötzinger’s called innocuous Cola Mix, and since the advertising departments were apparently on vacation when they were looking for the titles of Schwip Schwap and Mezzo Mix, Creative offices with names like Bazi or Mischmasch outdo each other.

Cold, tingling, sweet, with a slightly lemony scent and caffeine stimulating, it is of course one of these so-called soft drinks. But then it also embodies tradition, because all boys and girls under the white-blue sky in Bavaria drink Spezi, of course. At least everyone who has already been vaccinated against caries three times. And whoever draws the shortest on the drinking excursion from EBE or FFB gets a special as a consolation prize for the driving service. At the Wiesn, the mass price comes close to that for beer, and in summer the Spezi massively threatens natural beer centers such as the Isar and the English Garden. In addition, there was and always is a hint of the forbidden. caffeine and lots of sugar. So far.

Now, as one of the last, the Paulaner brewery has added a zero variant to its Spezi; at Riegele, Flötzinger & Co. there has long been a zero alongside the whole sugar original. Specialty without sugar? It’s like beer without alcohol or FC Bayern without trouble. Tastes kind of like Spezi, just a bit like they didn’t pour enough syrup in the bottling plant. But it’s just an advertising ploy. Zero, meaning sugar in its commonly known form, such as sugar cubes or sugar beets. But there is sweetener in it, which together with other substances has a laxative effect in larger quantities. But well, what doesn’t have a laxative effect in larger quantities, except maybe dumplings.

In any case, with the Bavarian-brown shower you can distinguish between taste and little taste, between full and zero, diabetes and diarrhea. The Brausebrauer hopes that such a zero offer will be particularly beer garden friendly. The weps buzzing around isn’t that into sweeteners. He knows what tastes good.

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