Wegscheid: First Electro Festival "Season of Sounds"

It has been less than three months since the ground vibrated at the foot of the Brauneck at the “Electric Winter Open Air”, now the first electro festival “Season of Sounds” is taking place on the Jaudenhang in Wegscheid. Responsible for this are the Lenggrieser Florian Müller and Sebastian Berger, who are organizing an event of this size for the first time.

SZ: You start under significantly better conditions than your colleague, who organized the first Techno Open Air at Brauneck at the beginning of March. What will be different?

Florian Mueller: Definitely the topic of Corona and the weather. There are no more restrictions and no snow, but probably 30 degrees and sunshine.

People don’t come in ski boots, but barefoot?

Sebastian Berger: You should already have sturdy shoes with you. We’re on the gravel square. But at the top of a hill we have a very nice chill-out place, where we also cool down in a surprising way.

Electronic music and mountain idyll – how does that go together?

Florian Mueller: That goes very well together. Electronic music is always looking for unusual locations, whether it’s an old industrial site or a place in the mountains like at the “Rave of Snow”. And we had almost no choice but to use this beautiful location.

Sebastian Berger: An open-air festival in a green setting with breathtaking mountain views. So for the senses this is great!

So the idea of ​​beaming away to techno beats in a dark hall is wrong?

Sebastian Berger: Of course there are also the badass techno events in dark basements and clubs in the big cities, but we won’t be banging or banging all day here. We have several genres represented. We have DJs from deep house and tech house, melodic techno. It is important to us to pass on emotions with smooth sounds – and at this location, it will simply give you goosebumps.

Florian Mueller: For this we have landed a wide variety of artists such as Felix Kröcher, Oliver Schories and Einmusik, all of whom are touring around the world.

For example, who makes melodic music?

Florian Mueller: There we have the artist Einmusik, an international star in the melodic techno scene. It is known for its beautiful melodic sounds that combine perfectly with a sunny afternoon.

And on the other end of the spectrum?

Sebastian Berger: When it gets dark, Daniela Hensel and Felix Kröcher take over, they are two who step on the gas and put real pressure on. This fits into the evening hours, when the lights are more effective.

Are you expecting many guests?

Florian Mueller: We are allowed to let 2000 people onto the site and look forward to everyone who celebrates this sunny day with us to rhythmic beats. The pre-sale numbers have been rising sharply for a few days.

How did you two meet?

Sebastian Berger: About DJing at a party. That’s when we met and decided to throw a party ourselves.

Florian Mueller: During the Corona period, we noticed that young people in particular were missing a lot – partying, meeting, getting to know someone, being exuberant. It’s so nice when people come together for electronic music, it’s just a very special feeling. We want to bring this closer to everyone else who wants to spend a carefree day.

You advertise with the keyword sustainability. How can this be implemented?

Florian Mueller: Big topic. We would have liked to work with a synthetic fuel, but that won’t be available until next year. We are currently trying to produce as little waste as possible. When building a stage, there are at most a few cable ties, everything else is reused. We don’t use single-use dishes, we have a deposit system, we sell the beer in bottles and we work with a company that calculates our total CO2 emissions and compensates them with green certificates.

Sebastian Berger: Another point is the arrival. A day ticket for the BRB Oberland is integrated into every festival ticket, so people can travel all day on the Bavarian Regiobahn network between Munich, Bayrischzell, Tegernsee and Lenggries. There are free shuttle buses from the Lenggries train station to the festival site. There is also parking for five euros. But we recommend buying a ticket and traveling by train for free.

Why did you choose the Jaudenhang car park for this spectacle?

Florian Mueller: For years I’ve been looking at the empty parking lots in the summer and thinking to myself how cool it would be to throw a real party there. And now this dream is finally coming true.

“Season of Sounds”, Saturday, June 18, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Jaudenhang car park Wegscheid, admission from 18 years, information and tickets from 42.50 euros at www.season-of-sounds.de

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