CDU: Senate may no longer burden Berliners financially

BerlinIn view of the high inflation rate, the Berlin Christian Democrats are calling for a stop to further financial burdens on Berliners. “We are only at the beginning of inflation,” said state and parliamentary group leader Kai Wegner at the small party conference of the CDU on Wednesday evening in the Konrad-Adenauer-Haus. “We are heading for difficult times.” Wegner accused the red-green-red Senate of not only wanting to make parking and public transport more expensive in Berlin. “A moratorium on stress would be the right way.”

The Senate and the House of Representatives should no longer take any measures or regulations that lead to an additional financial burden on Berliners, according to the lead motion that the CDU discussed on Wednesday evening. “This moratorium on burdens should apply until the inflation rate has fallen back to the average of the past thirty years.”

CDU calls for “Berlin Opportunity Pass” for all children

The Berlin Christian Democrats also called for it to be easier, more transparent and less bureaucratic for all families to apply for benefits. The goal is to be able to apply for all essential family benefits digitally and bundled with just one online form. The scope of services of the family service offices must be expanded. “All benefits that families are entitled to in our city should be able to be applied for together here,” the CDU demands in its main application.

According to the Berlin CDU, children from low-income families should also find it easier in future to get tutoring or learn an instrument, for example. The Christian Democrats are calling for a “Berlin Opportunity Pass”. It is to bundle all services from the Education and Participation Act passed by the federal government in 2011 and be made available as an app or chip card.

“Berliner Chances Pass”: Credit for families with Hartz IV or housing benefit

According to the ideas of the CDU, the opportunity pass should be made accessible to all Berlin children. Families who receive unemployment benefit II or housing benefit, for example, should receive a credit of at least 50 euros per month for leisure activities and educational services, which can be used with the opportunity pass. In Berlin in 2021 there were around 155,775 children in families who depend on state support services such as Hartz IV.

CDU General Secretary Mario Czaja said he was grateful that the Berlin CDU had addressed these issues. “We have to be back where the needs are.” Czaja reminded that poverty is not necessarily linked to unemployment. A third of people considered poor have jobs. “That has nothing to do with what we imagine a social market economy to be.”

The party conference was entitled “Children’s Chances City”. In their leading motion, the Christian Democrats are also committed to expanding the number of day-care centers as well as better language support in schools, better networking between schools and youth employment agencies, more support for single parents or the legal anchoring of child protection teams in all Berlin youth welfare offices.

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