Fans sad - Korean boy band BTS announce hiatus for solo projects

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Fans sad – Korean boy band BTS announce hiatus for solo projects


At the American Music Awards 2021, BTS still won prizes together, now the band wants to take a break.

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This isn’t the first break BTS has taken since their 2013 debut. Rapper Suga said he didn’t remember what kind of band they were anymore. Now the BTS stars want to focus on solo projects.

The seven members of South Korean boy band BTS want to take a break as a group and instead focus on solo projects for the time being. The indefinite hiatus was announced by the popular boy band in a YouTube video released on Tuesday evening (local time), which shows them at their annual “Festa” dinner marking the band’s founding day.

The band is now “taking a break,” announced rapper Suga, 29. He always thought that BTS was different from other bands, said RM (27), who is also considered a band leader. “But I didn’t know what kind of band we were anymore.”

BTS fans sometimes sad, but also appreciative

The announcement came as a surprise to many fans, who commented on the video, some sad but also appreciative of the decision made by RM, J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, Suga and V. “We promise we’ll be back one day ‘ said the 24-year-old Jungkook.

The joint dinner took place on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the founding of BTS. The band had stormed the charts with hits like “Dynamite” and “Permission to Dance”. At the American Music Awards in November 2021, the pop stars scooped up three trophies, including the grand prize for artist of the year.

K-pop band poses for photo shoot on the red carpet

BTS singers want to mature

“The K-pop idol system doesn’t give you time to mature,” RM said. “You don’t have time to keep growing because you still have to produce something.” His colleague Jimin (26) also spoke of “exhaustion”. The interpreters of Korean pop music are referred to as “idols”.

BTS are considered to be the biggest stars in the K-pop industry right now. According to RM, he and his colleagues want to present solo albums first. Jin, 29, also expressed interest in pursuing an acting career.

The BTS management had already announced a short break for the musicians in December. It was the first time since the band debuted in 2013 that the seven singers would spend the holiday season with their families, it said at the time. During the break, BTS wanted to prepare for concerts and a new album that should herald a “new chapter”. The boy band recently released their anthology album “Proof”, which includes the new single “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)”.


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