Middle Franconia: The government orders aerial observation due to the high risk of forest fires

The government of Middle Franconia, in agreement with the regional forest fire officer of the Bavarian Forestry Administration, is ordering aerial surveillance for Saturday, June 18, 2022 and Sunday, June 19, 2022 as a measure of preventive forest fire fighting for the administrative district of Middle Franconia.

As the government of Middle Franconia explains, the German weather service expects very high temperatures and no significant widespread rain for the coming days, so that there will be a very high risk of forest fires in large parts of the administrative district. The flights take place in the afternoon hours, when the risk of forest fires is greatest due to the rising temperatures and leisure activities of the population. Because of the nice weather, a large number of day-trippers in the woods and fields can be expected during the arrangement period, especially at weekends.

The aerial survey is carried out by volunteer pilots from the Mittelfranken air rescue squadron. In addition to the pilot, there are specially trained aerial observers from the fire brigade and the forest authorities on board the aircraft used, who search the relevant forest areas from the air for possible fire hazards. If a fire is detected, the fire brigade is alerted by radio from the air and directed to the scene of the fire.

The following bases of the air rescue squadron take over the operations: Schwabach-Büchenbach (Saturday) and Weißenburg (Sunday). A fixed route is flown, which leads from Erlangen-Dechsendorf via Schnaittach, Hersbruck and Allersberg to Pleinfeld. From there you fly back to the starting point via Abenberg, Nuremberg-Moorenbrunn, Nuremberg-Buchenbühl and Erlangen-Tennenlohe, with a loop via Emskirchen, Wilhermsdorf, Heilsbronn and Windsbach. In this way, the particularly endangered forest areas, e.g. B. the Sebalder and Lorenzer Reichswald near Nuremberg and also western Middle Franconia can be seen from the air and checked for possible smoke development. Above all, sparse stands of pine and heavily frequented forests in metropolitan areas are at risk.

The government of Middle Franconia bears the actual deployment costs for air surveillance operations from funds from the civil protection fund.

She appeals to forest visitors to observe the following rules:

  • Report forest fires immediately via the emergency number 112.
  • Note the ban on smoking: Smoking in the forest is prohibited from March 1st to October 31st.
  • Do not light a fire (not even a barbecue) in and around the forest.
  • Do not throw lit cigarettes out of the car.
  • Never park vehicles on easily flammable surfaces because of the hot vehicle catalytic converters. Cars, motorcycles and agricultural vehicles are therefore not allowed on meadows and
  • forest roads are turned off.
  • Avoid rubbish: Any discarded glass bottle, foil, lighter or can of chemical substance can become a fire source.

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