Weather in Franconia: Up to 38 degrees in Franconia at the weekend!  Weather model shows "horror calculation"

At the Wednesday (June 15) the sun shines undisturbed. According to Wetterochs, precipitation should not fall. The maximum temperatures are between 27 degrees on the Jura heights and 31 degrees in the Regnitz valley. The weak wind blows from changing directions.

At the Thursday (June 16) is it clear to cloudy. It will probably stay dry in general. If there should be a shower or a short thunderstorm, then it would be most likely in the morning in Franconian Switzerland. A maximum of 29 degrees is reached. The north-west wind freshened up temporarily in the afternoon, with strong gusts of force Beaufort 6.

“Horror bill”: Between 35 and 40 degrees at the end of next week?

At the Friday (June 17) there is a strong high in deep layers of air with its center right here. Therefore, it is guaranteed to remain free of precipitation. However, the sun does not shine completely undisturbed, because thin cloud fields “trundle in” with northerly high-altitude winds. A maximum of 27 degrees can be reached. The very weak wind blows from changing directions.

At the Saturday (June 18) and Sunday (June 19) very hot air determines our weather. The maximum daily temperatures are between 34 and 38 degrees on both days. It will be dry on Saturday. At the Sunday afternoon (June 20) but then thunderstorms could come up and initiate a cooling. But that depends on whether cooler Atlantic air from Sunday on Monday (June 21) will advance towards us or miss us and turn towards Spain.

The current main run of the ECMWF weather model provides one of these “Horror Bill Starting”, as the weather expert puts it, with maximum temperatures of 35 to 40 degrees from Saturday to the end of next week. In view of the already severe drought in the forest and field, that would be a disaster. At these temperatures you should not forget the sunscreen! We found out for you which is the best.

Low over Madeira: responsible for the high temperatures

The heat wave is triggered by a low in an unusual place, namely over Madeira. It directs air from the Sahara northwards via Spain to France and finally, in a somewhat defused form, to us. Southwest France will be hardest hit, with highs of 45 degrees on Saturday. With similar weather conditions, the current French record of 45.9 degrees was set on June 28, 2019 in Gallargues-le-Montueux.

Overall, there seems to have been an increased number of weather conditions in spring and early summer in which, in return, Saharan air is transported far to the north, triggered by cold air pushing far to the south. “That’s why we often had to deal with Saharan dust,” explains the weather ox.

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