Beverage manufacturer Waldquell ready for hot days

Beverage manufacturer Waldquell ready for hot days

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Filling of mineral water in returnable glass bottles at Thüringer Waldquell GmbH. Photo: Martin Schutt/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa

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With the summer heat, thirst increases and more water is bought. Thuringia’s largest mineral water company, Waldquell, has adapted to this – but a lack of trucks and drivers could become a problem.

The beverage manufacturer Thüringer Waldquell is prepared for increasing sales on hot summer days. “We have a buffer of 12 to 15 million bottles, that’s standard in our house,” said the managing director of Thüringer Waldquell Mineralbrunnen GmbH, Thomas Hess, the German Press Agency. With the beginning of the summer season, the demand for water and soft drinks increases. Since Waldquell cannot bottle as many drinks as are sold on hot days, the company has this stock.

According to the managing director, the average daily turnover is around half a million liters. During a heat wave, sales could rise to 800,000 to a million liters a day. The problem is not the goods, but sufficient cargo space, said Hess. Beverage wholesalers do not always have enough trucks available. In addition, there are now missing drivers, many of whom have come from Ukraine and are now at war.

In general, the mineral water industry in Germany does not see any bottlenecks in supply, despite the expected heat wave and the forthcoming holidays. The companies are prepared for possible sales peaks, according to the Association of German Mineral Springs. According to the association, around 150 mostly small and medium-sized companies nationwide bottle more than 500 different mineral and 27 medicinal waters as well as numerous mineral spring soft drinks.

The German Fountain Cooperative (GDB) asked consumers to bring the empties back as soon as possible, especially before the upcoming summer holidays. Significantly more mineral water is sold than the annual average, especially in hot summers, but at the same time the empties are coming back more slowly, it said.

Thüringer Waldquell employs more than 160 people in Schmalkalden and belongs to the Hessian Hassia Group. According to its own statements, it is the largest mineral spring in the Free State. According to the company, around 60 different drinks are bottled under the Thüringer Waldquell, Rennsteig and Vita Cola brands. The most important mainstay are mineral waters. Last year around 30 percent of all mineral water sold in Thuringia came from Schmalkalden.

Last year, Thuringian Waldquell sold almost 122 million liters of non-alcoholic soft drinks. That was around two percent less than in 2020, when record sales were achieved. As the reason for the minus, Hess cited the lockdown in the catering trade with the closure of bars and restaurants for months. The South Thuringian company does not provide any information on sales.


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