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The expert Klaus Stöhr is relaxed about the current increase in the number of corona cases in Germany. In the ZDF “Morgenmagazin” on Thursday (June 16, 2022) he spoke of “irrelevant reporting incidences”. You have to pay attention to the development in the hospitals. “And we don’t actually see any increase there. On the contrary. The situation is as relaxed as one could hope for in the summer. And nothing will change dramatically,” said Stöhr, a member of the expert committee for scientific assessment of the state corona restrictions.

The day before, the virologist had already spoken to nv explains: “Summer wave yes, as far as the incidence is concerned. But in the intensive care units, with the burden of disease, we don’t see that at all.” There is no risk of overload. Stöhr therefore considers the current calls for stricter measures to be premature. “In my opinion, the call to wear a mask is a ‘fire, fire’ call. And I hope that in the fall you will still listen to whoever calls it, because then you will need it again.”

Virologist Stöhr speaks out against wearing a mask – at least now in summer

Stöhr emphasized that the broad, long-term protection for each person only comes from the infection. “Anyone who is now calling for masks should always not be forgotten, they are actually also taking away the opportunity for people to come to terms with the corona virus in the long term.” You should have been vaccinated before becoming infected. Anyone who wants to protect themselves in the long term must be vaccinated, said Stöhr. But only the combination of vaccination and infection brings the “long and safe protection”.

Stöhr currently also considers a booster vaccination for everyone to be inappropriate. Exceptions are high-risk patients who have undergone immunotherapy or cancer treatment, for example. “But if I – I’m also over 60 – were to be vaccinated this year, it would be in the fall,” said the virologist. Going into the winter with a fresh vaccination, with good and broad immune protection, is more sensible “because the probability of infection is lower in summer”.

The German Association of General Practitioners apparently takes a similar view and therefore considers it unnecessary to keep the corona vaccination centers open in the summer. “The vaccination centers are empty across Germany,” said association president Ulrich Weigeldt to the newspapers of the editorial network Germany (Thursday).

General practitioners are calling for vaccination centers to be closed in the summer: money is needed elsewhere

“Why they should now continue to be operated throughout the summer is not at all clear.” That costs a lot of money that is urgently needed elsewhere. “The general practitioners have proven that vaccinations are best taken care of in practices.” With regard to districts or regions with low vaccination rates, good experiences have also been made in many places with mobile vaccination teams in the past. “It’s a model that certainly makes sense for fall as well.”

Infections with the corona virus had recently increased again in Germany. According to Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD), the Federal Ministry of Health is working on a vaccination campaign for the coming months.

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