Freising: The folk festival break is over

Dirndl and lederhosen can be taken out of the closet and aired out: After a two-year Corona break, a Freising folk festival will take place again this year. Rupert Widmann, head of the main office at the city of Freising, confirmed this when asked. Everything is as usual: the folk festival traditionally starts on the first weekend in September. The ceremonial procession to the fairground in the Luitpoldhalle will take place on Friday, September 2nd. Of course, this includes the tapping of the first beer keg by Mayor Tobias Eschenbacher.

The official start of the hype is on Saturday, September 3rd. On this day, the mayor usually takes a tour of the fairground with some city councillors. The folk festival ends on Sunday, September 11th.

Festival speaker Anton Frankl and his helpers from the city administration were not idle during the forced break of the Freisinger Volksfest caused by Corona. Anyone who feared that this year there might only be a scaled-down version with a small marquee and amusement park was wrong. “It will take place to the same extent as usual,” said Widmann.

“Festwirt Tauscher is coming with the big tent,” assures the head of the main office, Rupert Widmann

Festival speaker Anton Frankl and those responsible in the city of Freising had contacted all the showmen and festival host Ludwig Tauscher months ago. As far as the rides are concerned, there is confidence that we can offer visitors an attractive amusement park. As far as the marquee is concerned, it is not slimmed down either. “Festwirt Tauscher comes with the big tent,” said Widmann. As far as beer and chicken prices are concerned, a certain increase can be expected given the general cost increases.

What cannot be calculated are the incidences at the time of the folk festival. The date at the beginning of September is actually favorable. It is early enough before the cold season, when the number of infections can be expected to increase again. “There are no restrictions planned at the moment,” Widmann assures, with a view to Corona. It will be interesting to see how many people will not be deterred from visiting the folk festival despite the ongoing pandemic. Whether there will be fireworks is not yet certain. In some places, a waiver is being discussed because of the war in Ukraine. The argument goes that out of consideration for the refugees, the spectacle should be avoided because of the loud banging.

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