Munich: Blood donations are urgently needed by clinics

In the first Munich clinics there is a lack of reserves, operations have to be postponed. This is problematic because interventions that were not possible due to the pandemic still have to be made up for.

Andreas Humpe, professor at the LMU Clinic for Anaesthesiology, has to postpone planned operations again. Not because of the pandemic this time, but because blood is running low. More blood donors are “urgently” needed, says Humpe, director of the department for transfusion medicine. The situation is not as critical everywhere in Munich as it is here. According to reports, the city clinics have not yet had to postpone any operations due to a lack of blood. The supply situation is also “challenging” here, they say. From the clinic on the right of the Isar comes the news that the postponement of operations for this reason is “so far an absolute exception”.

The German Red Cross reports an increasingly critical supply situation throughout Germany. “On the one hand, the clinics need a lot of blood right now. Operations still have to be made up because of Corona. And we have a constantly high need for blood for the chronically ill anyway,” explains Patric Nohe, spokesman for the blood donation service of the Bavarian Red Cross (BRK). But the demand is also increasing. After Corona, people would do more sport again and injure themselves more often. “We need an above-average amount of blood right now,” says Nohe.

The problem: “We have an increased need for the clinics and at the same time a lot of people are simply not there. We have holidays and a lot of public holidays, it’s warm, people want to go out and are out and about a lot.” Otherwise, people would have more obligations and appointments again. The willingness to donate blood does not exactly promote this.

Young people in particular are wanted

The BRK is looking to the coming months with concern. “We’re losing donors every year anyway due to demographic change. It’s important that young people follow,” says Nohe. When blood ran out at the peak of the pandemic, the solidarity of the donors was outstanding. This solidarity is now needed again. He urges: “Starting to donate blood now would be a great opportunity.” Ideally, one should then donate regularly, because more continuity is needed overall. Anyone who is already a blood donor should think about increasing their own frequency.

You can donate blood at the blood donation service of the BRK in the Schwanthalerhöhe forum, right next to the Theresienwiese, on weekdays from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. It is necessary to reserve an appointment in advance at

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