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Nabu: Attics become deadly heat traps for birds

In the next few days it should also get really hot in Lower Saxony. It could be dangerous for nesting birds, especially in attics. The Nabu in Leiferde is primarily concerned with young birds.

In view of the rise in temperatures in the coming days to over 30 degrees in some places, the Nabu nature conservation association is drawing attention to the danger for birds and bats. Especially under roofs there is enormous heat, it often gets over 60 degrees warm. Because bats, swifts or sparrows often have their quarters in attics, these places could become deadly traps. “When trying desperately to escape the unbearable heat, many young animals fall out of their nests,” says Bärbel Rogoschik, head of the Nabu species protection center in Leiferde near Gifhorn.

The conservationist advises checking more often in the attic or around the house to see whether animals may have jumped out of the nest. “Unfortunately, such situations cannot be avoided at the moment. You can only act as a precautionary measure, for example by shading the house sufficiently with trees or greening the facade so that the house does not heat up so much,” explained Rogoschik.

It is also important that attics are well ventilated and skylights are ideally left open at night. Hanging up wet sheets in the attic can also help.

If a young bird is found, it can always be returned to the nest. «In most cases, fledglings are not abandoned by the parent animal, but call attention to themselves by loud calls and are still being fed by the mother animal. Here, the situation should first be closely monitored before the animal is hastily collected,” appeals the conservationist. Birds can also be offered a suitable place with nesting boxes on the house wall.

At the moment, a striking number of house martin nests are detaching themselves from the house walls. “Due to the drought and because many swallows can’t find any moist clay, but only use conventional garden soil to build their nests, they no longer have a footing and fall down with the young birds,” says Rogoschik. A special swallow nest box could be placed in the exact same spot and young birds that fell off with the nest could be reinserted into that nest box. Water points in the garden would also help.


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