Workers fall into chocolate tank at M&M's factory

Workers fall into chocolate tank at M&M’s factory

Colorful M&Ms

It’s unclear what color M&Ms were intended to be made with the chocolate in the tank

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Two employees fell into a chocolate tank at an M&Ms factory on Thursday. The two men had to be taken to the hospital.

What sounds like a scene from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory became fatal reality for two factory workers from the USA: The two men fell into a huge tank full of chocolate.

The incident happened Thursday at a Mars Wrigley’s M&Ms factory in Pennsylvania. “Firefighters couldn’t get them right out of the tank,” Brad Wolfe, communications director for Lancaster County Emergency Services, told CNN on Thursday. So rescuers had to cut a hole in the side of the tank to save the workers.

staff hospitalized

The two men were then taken to a hospital. “One patient was transported by land and one person was transported by helicopter,” said Nick Schoenberger, deputy chief of Lancaster County’s emergency response center. The extent of her injuries is not known.

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According to photojournalist Nathan Yerges, the two people were employees of the company. A spokesman for Mars Wrigley’s said the situation was now under control and was “very grateful for the quick work of first responders.”

M&Ms aims to become more inclusive – and is changing the look of its mascots

It is not yet clear how the two employees fell into the chocolate tank. The factory makes a variety of confectionery including M&Ms and Dove chocolates. The facility is located in Elizabethtown, approximately 12 miles from Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Earlier this year, M&Ms made headlines when their mascots got a makeover. A female mascot named “Green” now wears sneakers instead of overknees boots. The background is that Mars Wrigley’s wants to reposition its M&Ms brand and make it more inclusive. “M&Ms has long been committed to creating colorful fun for everyone. The new brand purpose serves as a more concrete commitment to what we’ve always believed in as a brand: Everyone has the right to enjoy moments of happiness, and fun is the most powerful way to make people feel included,” said Cathryn Sleight, chief growth officer at Mars Wrigley’s, in a statement from the company.

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