Extreme heat of up to 40 degrees: will Germany break the temperature record at the weekend?

The people of Germany have to look up in the coming days Sunshine and very high temperatures set to. Because Germany is now reaching the heat dome, which has been causing extreme heat in Spain and Portugal for days. “During Spain and Portugal for almost 7 days with temperatures by 40 to 45 degrees have to do, we only get it for a day or two,” says meteorologist Dominik Jung rain and thunderstorms give.

He also confirms that German Weather Service (DWD): Already for the Friday (June 17, 2022) will be for the southern half of the country up to 32 degrees forecast. In the north it stays a little cooler with a maximum of 26 degrees and there can be occasional rain in the afternoon and evening. Evening showers can also occur on the edge of the Alps.

Heat dome reaches Germany: record temperatures possible at the weekend

It gets really hot at the weekend. “According to the calendar, we still have spring and actually, the maximum values ​​​​in Germany in mid-June are around 24 to 28 degrees. However, we expect 34 to 38, or even up to 40 degrees,” explains Jung. So far, it has been 40 degrees in Germany in June never given. However, this record temperature will probably only occur locally.

It stays noisy on Saturday night DWD initially cloudy. The lows are between 19 degrees in the Ruhr area and ten degrees in the Bavarian Forest. Clouds can continue to pass through in the north during the day, but the weather experts hardly expect any rain. In central and southern Germany, Saturday will start out sunny. In the course of the day, isolated heavy showers or thunderstorms with heavy rain are possible in the north-west and west. Temperatures range from 19 to 23 degrees at the sea.

In the rest of the country it will be hot with up to 35 degreesin the west can it loud DWD-Prognosis locally too 38 degree’s will. Jung, on the other hand, also keeps local 39 or almost 40 degrees for possible. There are hardly any heat storms. “There is obviously no thunderstorm activity that one might have expected in such weather conditions. Most of the time there will only be local showers and thunderstorms,” ​​said the meteorologist. Without large amounts of precipitation, however, the risk of a drought in summer. “This applies in particular to eastern Germany. It’s almost as dry there now as it was in the drought year of 2018,” warns Jung. That too forest fire risk increases.

Up to 40 degrees and a few thunderstorms expected

In the prognosis of DWD there is often talk of rain, at least for Sunday. On the night of Sunday, people have to relax, especially in the west and northwest according to the DWD still on Thunderstorm with heavy rain set to. The lows are between 21 degrees on the Upper Rhine and 13 degrees on the North Sea. On Sunday morning the sun will appear in many places, later the weather experts expect in West, Center and Southwest such as at the Alps increased with clouds and thunderstorms.

The maximum values ​​​​are therefore in the north and northwest at 19 to 24 degrees, otherwise between 26 and 34 degrees. Jung expects significantly higher temperatures: 23 to 39 degrees, locally 40 degrees are possible again. The meteorologist also speaks of heat thunderstorms, but only a few, which “by far do not reach everyone”.

The weather expert recommends in the heat to drink enough and protect yourself from the heat. “You should definitely look up cream wellwhen you’re out and about, the risk of sunburn is very high,” advises Jung headgear sensible.

It is expected to remain hot in the coming week, albeit not quite as extreme. The temperature peaks should be between 32 and 34 degrees lie. Lots of sunshine and only a few showers and thunderstorms.

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