Munich: Garbage disposal recruits employees

A few garbage trucks are parked in front of Professor-Kurt-Huber-Platz, which looks normal at first. After all, there is also plenty of waste at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität. But this Friday, the garbage collectors and their managers have a special mission: they want to promote their industry on International Garbage Collection Day. At the same time, they complain about the lack of skilled workers in the Bavarian waste industry.

“The lack of qualified workers has been a problem for us as an association and our member companies for years,” said Stefan Böhme, President of the Association of Bavarian Waste Management Companies (VBS) on Friday. According to Böhme, many apprenticeships remain vacant every year. Young people in particular should become “part of the cycle”, as the DDPS calls its campaign against the labor shortage. The often family-run companies in Bavaria lack drivers for trucks, wheel loaders or forklifts, but also in waste processing.

The association also received support from state politicians on Friday. The FDP MP and former FDP state chairman Manfred Duin from Munich emphasized at the rally: “The medium-sized private Bavarian waste management sector has been a reliable disposal partner for the economy and municipalities for decades. You only have to look at the regularly recurring waste crises in other European countries to recognize that this is by no means a matter of course,” said the spokesman for business, energy and tourism for the FDP parliamentary group.

The waste disposal industry has had a rather bad reputation so far. But with the growing focus on sustainability and the circular economy, the image of waste disposal companies is changing. Christian Hierneis, environmental policy spokesman for the Greens parliamentary group in the state parliament and chairman of the Federal Nature Conservation Union in Munich, praises the efforts made by waste management. “The circular economy is already making an important contribution to climate protection.” In particular, the conversion of garbage trucks to more environmentally friendly drives makes the industry “even more attractive, especially for the climate-conscious young generation”. The DDPS emphasizes that the waste management industry is not only of “enormous social importance”, but also indispensable for a sustainable circular economy.

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