Munich today - News from June 17th, 2022

It’s getting hot in Munich, really hot! The weather forecast predicts over 30 degrees for the weekend. Many people will be drawn to the city’s swimming pools. I have good news for everyone: Munich’s swimming pools remain pleasantly warm, despite rising energy costs. In fact, this is more remarkable than it first sounds, as some spas in the surrounding area have already had to lower the water temperature in their pools.

Stadtwerke München, on the other hand, does not consider this necessary at the moment, in addition to district heating or the district cooling network, they rely on modern energy sources such as their own photovoltaic systems or M-Ökostrom – which is also more climate-friendly. Another argument: children and seniors should continue to have the opportunity to go swimming. Colder temperatures scare them off.

So the water temperature doesn’t stand in the way of a family trip at the weekend. Another tip: go to the pool early to avoid queues. The new digital offer of the outdoor pools, the e-ticket, could also be helpful. And of course don’t forget the sunscreen!


Why the Summer Tollwood was so missed After two years, the Tollwood Festival in the Olympic Park presents itself as it did before Corona – with falafel and tandoori stands, batik dresses and designer jewelry. A tour of the area with many happy faces shows how much this attitude to life was missed.

Star menus from our own cultivation The Mural Farmhouse in Obersendling is basically a hotel restaurant – but what a restaurant! The kitchen practically only uses ingredients that come from a radius of at most 40 kilometers from the city. The restaurant will soon have its own roof garden.

“If I had to build an audience, I would build you” “Die Ärzte” give their first stadium concert in Munich – and sum up their years together almost royally. They are celebrated for that.

Huge dachshund on Marienplatz The sculpture that the Department for Labor and Economics placed on Marienplatz is four and a half meters long and three meters high. But why is “Waldi the Great” there and what does that have to do with the Olympic anniversary?

The biggest wish is your own apartment People from Ukraine find well-functioning structures today. But not all refugees can count on this willingness to help, complained SPD city councilors during a tour.

Dream job garbage disposal Bavaria’s waste disposal companies lack qualified specialists. The industry relies on the climate-conscious young generation.

Corals confiscated by the kilo Munich customs has confiscated more than seven kilograms of species-protected coral at the airport – and warns against such souvenirs.



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