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Youth representatives demand education guarantee from government

Young people in the southwest are concerned about the training market. You see the right to free choice of profession threatened – and the policy in the duty.

An alliance of youth organizations from the trade unions and green youth in Baden-Württemberg is demanding measures from the state government to improve the situation on the training market. The corona pandemic in particular has made the situation for many young people considerably more difficult with regard to suitable training opportunities, according to a letter available to the German Press Agency. A turnaround is needed.

Regionally, it is becoming apparent that young people “cannot claim their right to free choice of occupation, since their interests cannot be found in the appropriate offers of training places,” it said. From the point of view of the youth organizations, the current training situation is worrying.

In their letter, they call on the state government to “consistently implement key promises from the coalition agreement, such as the training guarantee”. Good training must not depend on the good will of the companies, but must be regulated politically and legally as a central aspect of intergenerational justice.

In addition to the training guarantee, the young people are demanding that politicians pave the way for a “serious strategy for better and nationwide training in the country” this year. More companies than before would have to take part in the training.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Economics said: “The opportunities for young people in Baden-Württemberg are better than ever before across almost all sectors.” The challenge for vocational training currently lies primarily in the continuously declining number of applicants, which has increased as a result of the unusual measures for vocational orientation during the corona pandemic. “For every 100 open training positions there are currently only 50 applicants.”

The Vice-President of the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Marjoke Breuning, said that from our point of view, a training guarantee would be unrealistic. “Many companies are very committed to careers orientation and try everything to find applicants, but they are often unsuccessful.” Everything must now be done to get young people excited about dual training and to motivate them to apply.


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