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FDP accuses Strobl of “imposture” about the law exam

Getting an honors degree is every lawyer’s dream. Interior Minister Thomas Strobl certainly knows that too. The FDP criticizes statements by him about his law degree. In the opinion of the liberals, Strobl did not take the truth very seriously.

In the affair surrounding Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU), the FDP accused the Deputy Prime Minister of whitewashing. The background is the statement of the 62-year-old at the end of his state examination in law. Strobl once said at a press conference that, as far as he remembers, he had a “honorable exam” – now, in response to a question from the Liberals in the state parliament, the ministry said that the interior minister only had a “minor honors exam”.

According to his spokeswoman, Strobl took his two state exams in Baden-Württemberg. As a spokesman for the state Ministry of Justice announced, both terms do not exist in the relevant state examination regulations. The grading system for lawyers ranges from 0 to 18 points. From 9 points one speaks colloquially of a predicate exam and under 6.5 points of a small predicate exam. At the press conference, Strobl was unable to provide any information about his grade.

The opposition FDP parliamentary group leader Hans-Ulrich Rülke said that Strobl initially publicly claimed that he was a certified lawyer. ‘Probably to give the appearance of legal expertise for his peculiar stabbings to the press and his blocking of prosecutors’ investigations into himself. Now his ministry has to admit that in addition to the betrayal of secrets and court documents, there is also imposture.” Once again, Strobl doesn’t take the truth too seriously and presents himself better than he is.

A spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry in Stuttgart firmly rejected the allegations on Saturday. “For weeks now, Mr. Rülke and his FDP have no longer been about the matter, but about handing out personally against the Interior Minister at any price,” said the spokeswoman. In addition, it is also made clear that the Minister of the Interior referred to his memory, which was also correct, when asked repeatedly and explicitly.

Strobl has been under pressure for weeks. Among other things, it is about a lawyer’s letter to a journalist that he pierced through. The opposition accuses Strobl of having broken several laws by passing on the letter. This is one of the reasons why an investigative committee of the state parliament was set up.

After Strobl admitted that the letter had been passed on at the beginning of May, the Stuttgart public prosecutor’s office initiated investigations into suspected illegal disclosure of court hearings. It is also determined against Strobl. In the past, the CDU politician had rejected all allegations of having acted illegally.


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