Angela Merkel alone in the cathedral

Angela Merkel, 67, daughter of a pastor, finally has time to go to church more. “Sometimes it’s still unusual that I no longer have deadline pressure,” the former Chancellor told the editorial network Germany in an interview. She now feels “free” and wants to get to know western Germany better in her new phase of life. “I have seldom been in the old federal states without a purpose,” Merkel said. “I’ve never just been to the Loreley or the Moselle loop or alone in Trier Cathedral or Speyer Cathedral.” Often there was just not enough time – also for mourning her mother, who died in April 2019 a few days before an EU summit.

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Francis, 85, Pope, doesn’t like idlers. They shouldn’t be “couch potatoes,” he warned at a meeting with young pilgrims from the Syro-Malabar Church on Saturday. He encouraged young people to lead active lives “of service and responsibility”. Referring to the example of the Blessed Mother, Francis said: “Mary was not one of those people who just need a good sofa to be safe and comfortable.” The Syro-Malabar Catholic Church is a Rome-affiliated Eastern Church in India.

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fedez, 32, Italian rapper, contradicts the Pope. Life is too short to listen to the Vatican, the musician scoffed on Instagram about the new guidelines for marriage support presented on Wednesday. It recommends sexual abstinence before marriage in several places, and Francis wrote a foreword specifically for the guidelines. Fedez advised his 14 million followers to only refrain from sex before marriage if it would make them late for the wedding ceremony. In standard rapper-speak, he added, “F… as much as you can (if you feel like it).”

Lisa James, church leader of St. Peter’s in Hinton on the Green in the central English county of Worcestershire, has to defend herself against late risers. Like the Anglican weekly Church Times reported, James discovered a sleeping man next to the altar of the parish church as she was about to prepare for the morning service. He was smartly dressed but curled up like a baby. However, a considerable number of bottles were missing from the church’s supply of alcohol intended for a village festival. The man then fled before the police arrived. Community representatives report that all the locks have now been replaced and that the church is like a fortress. “It’s heartbreaking that we had to do this.”

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