Munich today - news from June 19th, 2022

Those who live reasonably centrally in Munich can do without a car, unless they need it for professional or health reasons.

In some neighborhoods it’s really not a good idea to own a car. If you drive quickly to go shopping, you can assume that the search for a parking space will take at least as long as the journey to the supermarket and the shopping together.

Nevertheless, many Munich residents still stick to their own car. As a result, in some quarters there are significantly more parking licenses – also known as resident ID cards – than parking spaces. So many leave their vehicles lying around all the time and only use them once for weekend trips or vacation trips. Others actually put up with driving around forever in the evening in the hope of finding a free spot. Incidentally, the city cannot restrict parking licenses. If you live in a parking license area (what a nice Munich word) and have a car, you can apply for a permit.

This is not particularly helpful for the quality of stay in the streets. Should the city at some point have the legal basis to raise the previously capped price for ID cards from 30 euros to a perhaps three-digit sum, some will perhaps still get rid of their vehicles, which are usually more of a “standing vehicle”. That would be good for the cityscape (SZ Plus).


In the heat of the city 34 degrees – in the shade: However, there is nowhere around Marienplatz. Despite the heat, thousands come to the city founding festival, where much of the past and some of the future are celebrated. A walk on the hottest day of the year so far.

Subtly spectacular With his still punk band, one of the longest-serving supergroups on the German music scene, Campino is giving an acclaimed concert in the Olympic Stadium – queasy feelings or not.

Watch to cool down The sun is burning on the asphalt, 34 degrees are predicted, and it feels like it’s going to be even hotter. It’s a good thing that the Isar flows through Munich. Pictures against the heat.

Police block tunnel on Mittlerer Ring Because of the meeting at Schloss Elmau, the Presidium warns of “unavoidable restrictions” on the streets. The people of Munich should also leave the car because of some parking restrictions.

Eight-year-old rescued from drowning in Fasaneriesee The child almost ended up splashing around in a quarry pond – because these can be dangerous, especially for non-swimmers.

Burglar fails – and still has to go to prison for a long time The painter triggers the alarm system in a house in Obermenzing, and his accomplice also loses his mobile phone when he flees. A jury shows no leniency.

More self-determination for those legally assisted The care law reform strengthens the right to have a say for people with disabilities, those suffering from dementia or the elderly who can no longer cope on their own in everyday life. The new rules call for more work from professional supervisors, of whom there are fewer and fewer.

U 3 and U 6 will drive through again from Monday The Stadtwerke finish the renovation work between Goetheplatz and Implerstraße on time. The new tracks have yet to be broken in.



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