Corona makes you lonely: with the virus on the magic mountain

Life with the corona virus is sometimes bad, but the side effects are just as bad. If you’ve gotten through the worst part of not being able to swallow for days, nausea and chills, you’re left with coughing. This world of the sick keeps you captive for a long time. Sometimes even for years she did the same with those suffering from tuberculosis in Davos, Switzerland. Writer Thomas Mann (1875-1955) described the resulting personal developments in his novel The Magic Mountain. Vorsorge-fuer-den-kriegsfall-ueberleben-in-berlin-li.216804

Although the weakened woman had finally made it from the bed to the sofa by the end of the first week of illness, this offered little entertainment gain. Reading and television are one-way communication, real people are longed for, real chats. You are still isolated anyway, as you are under the positive spell of the virus, so you are not allowed to go outside, but there would be plenty of chatting on the phone. But like when your throat is sore, coughing instead of speaking amuses no one.

The field of medical entertainment

So conversations via messaging service on the smartphone. Short sentences reduced to the essentials, mornings and evenings at least the message “I’m still alive”. This brings you to the realm of medical conversations. They’re not good for anyone, that’s my experience of illness.

As gratifying as it is that someone is interested in you, the contact is also ambiguous. The classic question “How are you today?” Are the symptoms less today than yesterday? Does the cough sound different than a week ago? Did I cough up some, if so how much? Detailed status messages determine the mental state.

The appetite, the palpitations, the voice

What you otherwise quickly wave through in everyday life because there is too much to do and you are constantly on the go now becomes extremely important in the absence of people to talk to in the loneliness. The appetite, the palpitations, the voice, everything is constantly subjected to a quality check. Just like the clinical thermometer is regularly looked at with fear in the Magic Mountain.

In the seclusion of the sheltered, lonely infirmary, the evil virus unfolds its full morbid power. Its magic reaches far beyond the lungs and throat. The return to the healthy world becomes more questionable with every passing minute. Will you survive the re-encounter with reality?

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